Faux Gold and Sapphire Ring made out of beads

Faux Gold and Sapphire Ring made out of beads
Princess Diana's engagement ring has become very popular again since Prince William gave it to Kate Middleton. This is a version made in Delica beads.

You will need:
The beads are Delica Size 11s.
3 grams DB-031: Bright Gold
Small amounts of
DB-696 Semi Matte Silver Lined Cobalt or whatever color you want the main "stone" to be.
DB-041 Silver Lined Crystal (for the "diamonds", also could be "rubies" or whatever color you want)
Thread- I used 6 lb test Fireline
Needles- I used a size 12 sharp

This ring is done in 3 layers. The first layer is the base of the ring, the band and first layer of the design. That part is done in tubular even count peyote and the graph doesn't show the whole band for the ring. I'd recommend making yourself a quick ring to figure out the right size for the band using less expensive Delicas. A normal ring size will be about 48 beads, so string 48 and check it around your finger, and add more or take them away 2 at a time to end with an even number of beads that will fit around your finger. Tie the strung beads into a ring and do a couple rounds of peyote. Check the fit of the ring. When you get the fit just right, get the gold beads any make the base ring according to the graph. The band part will be longer than shown, bead the band first according to the number of beads that you need to fit your finger, then work the odd count peyote off the top and bottom of the ring.

A quick reminder on working figure 8 turns for odd count peyote. Previous thread path shown in gray.
If a design has decreases on both sides, start beading from the middle, leaving a long enough tail to do the other side.

After you do your base row and second row of beading after that, pass the needle and thread back through the first bead. Then bead that row and the next one.

Time for the turn. Go in the bead above the one you are adding, then through the one next to that, up one bead next to it, down the bead under that, and back through the bead on top of the last one from the last row. Pass it through the last bead on the last row, and continue beading. To work the decreases, you'll weave through the beads in a similar manner to get to the bead you need to add.

Put a needle on the long tail you left, and weave the other side the same way.

After you finish the base ring, make the odd count layers. Leave the tails on your thread for assembling. To assemble, stitch the center of the "stone" to the main stone piece using something like square stitch. I've found it's easiest to see what I'm doing by pushing the needle through the piece completely, then going into the bead I'm sewing. After you stitch the center of the stone down to the main stone piece, sew that to the ring.

You could make these in birthstone colors as gifts.

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