PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller
The PS3 Move Navigation Controller may look like a Wii's nunchuck, but it serves a very different purpose. Where the nunchuck has motion sensing, the PS3 Move Navigation Controller is solely for button pushing.

PS3 Move Controller This small, easy to hold device lets you use your left hand for button related tasks - using the joystick for moving around a landscape, using the standard X and O buttons for performing actions. So for example if you are in a sword game you can have the motion-sensitive wand in your right hand, swinging your sword, while using your navigator in your left hand to walk across the field of battle and seek out your next opponent.

You might ask, if all this controller does is let you use a joystick and a few buttons, why even buy it? Why not just use a normal controller in the left hand? Certainly you can do that - but the normal controller is set up for two handed use. Many people find it challenging to hold that controller just with the left hand in a way that easily gets them access to the joystick and the two buttons. With this navigation controller setup, it clearly is all arranged for one handed use.

If you want to play a game that requires both hands to be motion sensitive - for example a boxing game where you punch with your left hand and also punch with your right hand - this is NOT the controller you want. For that type of activity you'll want two wand controllers, one for each hand.

That means that for a typical player on a PS3 move system you need two wand controllers PLUS one navigation controller. You wouldn't use all three at the same time, but some games will have you using the two wand controllers and other games will have you use the wand in one hand and the navigation controller in the other.

You can see where this is going. If you have two gamers in the household who want to play head to head games, you now need FOUR wand controllers plus two navigation controllers to have them covered. It's time to give your PS3 system its own shelf, to handle all these accessories!

In any case the nav controller works well, is very useful for games, and I highly recommend it for any Move gamers.

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