Using Aromtherapy for Scent Combinations

Using Aromtherapy for Scent Combinations
When we talk about aromatherapy, the one thing that commonly enters our mind is essential oils. This kind of therapy has moved up a notch as far as alternative medicine is concerned and its popularity has moved to a whole new level. It has been considered as one of the convenient forms of healing that does not only heal the physical aspect but also alters our emotional and psychological views.

Many years ago, aromatherapy has been used to help women in their childbirth by easing some labor pains. Today, there are many medical benefits that one can get from fragrance combinations of aromatherapy. And, it is not just limited to people who are sick but also to people who just want to experience the relaxing effects of aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy starts with choosing fragrances that are deemed appropriate for the session. You would be able to relax and focus because this procedure generally has a calming effect. After the procedure, you would feel renewed and fresh with vigor. Blending and combining essential oils for the aromatherapy have some basic principles and the foundation of fragrances is the notes, which is their category as well.

There are essential oils that are extremely volatile, meaning they evaporate quicker than others and they are referred to as top notes, which are renowned because of their antiviral component. They are considered fresher comparative to other types and can evoke lighter emotions. They are relatively cheaper, fast acting and obviously lasts only for a short period of time.

There are also those that are considered middle notes and these are the ones that are best when you attempt to balance the fragrance combinations of all the scents you are choosing. Middle note scents are actually very mild and subtle, which makes them very good at blending with other notes since their property allows them to go undetected at the initial smell. Since they are used as the middle ground in the combination, they are the most expensive of all scents.

If you want to create the perfect combination and balance, you need to remember that scents that belong to the top note category are usually fast acting but intense therefore it would be best that you combine them with either base or middle notes. Your goal is to create a resulting aroma that can evoke a totally different emotional level. This is actually the basis of aromatherapy in order to achieve perfect healing in the physical, emotional and psychological stresses.

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