Answers to Your Most Pertinent Questions

Answers to Your Most Pertinent Questions
Meditation is an amazing time to get in touch with the spirit world and get answers to your most important questions in life. While some use it as a form of prayer, others utilize it to de-stress, and still many more experience it as the cherry on top at the close of their regular yoga class. Alas, meditation holds within its quietest moments, power, healing, and answers.

Meditation has become a mainstream concept. While alternative healthcare professionals have always believed in the mojo of meditation, in recent years medical doctors have jumped on the bandwagon of belief as well. Doctors toot the praises of the calming effects of meditation; how it soothes the mind and creates a space for healing. In many alternative care medical facilities worldwide, patients are encouraged to utilize soft sounds to relax the mind during medical procedures, a soft push toward meditation.

Meanwhile, others have learned that meditation is great for distressing after a harrying day of work and a physically challenging day of yoga. Others use it as a way to enhance their prayerful requests to God. After praying on the idea, they meditate on the solution. I’ve heard it said on Oprah that prayer is the time we make our requests to God and meditation is when He answers.

In several of my articles you will note that I suggest that you add visualization to your daily meditation in order to manifest the life that you desire. Today, I am suggesting that you utilize meditation to heal yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What I know, and will share with you, is that in our quietest moments of presence, a portal to a world, where all answers reside, is opened. It is the perfect time to ask questions and access answers. Understand that the answers available to you are the ones that are most pertinent to your existence. The answers are there to help you heal your heart and body, connect to your spiritual mission, and realize your individual purpose in life.

In order to take advantage of such a precious opportunity, have a pertinent question in mind before you start your next meditation. Consider questions such as, “What is the root of my illness?” “What secret information, inside of me, do I need to know before I move forward with my marriage?” “What is my purpose in life?” “What is keeping me from being successful in my career?” “What do I need to address in order to facilitate a thorough healing of my disease?” Then, get into your normal meditative state the way you normally do. Before you close your meditation ask your question.

Answers most often come within minutes while you are inside your meditation. With patience and faith that your answer is on the way, you will be rewarded. Sometimes the answer appears as a vision, a voice, or a thought. No matter the method, see it through; watch the entire video or listen to the entire message. If you do not understand, ask for clarity.

If you are no longer able to stay in your meditative state, after asking your question, know that your answer will come as clues within your day or as a clear answer in your dreams. Many gurus will suggest that answers will come within 24 hours. I suggest that it will come within the hour.

Always be gracious to your source. Be faithful in the process and remember to say, “Thank you.”

No matter how or when you meditate, meditation is known to be a perfect time to get quiet and become present. It is also an excellent time to get answers to your most pertinent questions.

Remember, to pop into the forum and let us know that your questions are being answered.

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