All About the Bible Dice Game

All About the Bible Dice Game
You will need a single Dice to play this game. You could also make a dice for the game out of a square box or foam cube and number the sides 1-6. If you would rather not use numbers, then use pictures on the cube and change the values for the game accordingly. (You could also use a spinner if necessary.)

Divide your family or class into teams.

To play, the team will roll the dice and a single member from the opposing team will draw a card from tne pile and ask the question. The team then gives their answer. Each team gets once chance to answer their question and gains the number of points on the dice for each correct answer. If the team fails to answer the question correctly, the other team gets a chance to steal the points.

Remember to have fun!!

Prepare the following cards and then shuffle them to begin playing the game:


Using the Bible Dictionary find the word Comforter. What does it say?

What is the first book in The New Testament?

What does the first chapter of the first book in the New Testament talk about according to the chapter summary?

Look up �Noah� in the Topical Guide. What does it say to do? Go to the dictionary & find �Noah�. Read what it says.

What is the first verse in Genesis? What is the chapter talking about?

In John chapter 13: What does Jesus do?

Look up �Dove� in the Bible Dictionary. What is it a symbol of?

Using the Bible Dictionary find the word Comforter. What does it say?

How often should we pray? 1 Thessalonians 5:17

What did Queen Esther ask her people, the Jews to do to help her save their lives? Esther 4:16

Name the 9th book in. the New Testament.

Who called young Samuel in his sleep? 1 Samuel 3:4

Where was Christ baptized and by whom? Matthew 3:13

What did Jonah do when he was in the belly of the great fish? Jonah 2:1

How much did the Good Samaritan pay for the Jew to stay at the inn? Luke 10:35

Name the 7th and 8th of the 10 Commandments. Exodus 20:3-17

What does Jesus say that the bread & water of the sacrament stand for? Luke 22:19-20


(These cards can be played in three different ways. You can choose to have the player identify the picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit, or you can have the player draw it quickly for their team to guess, as in pictionary type games. The third way would be to print the pictures off of and cut them up into puzzles for the team to quickly put together. If you do this method, then make up some cards that just say "Picture This". After the team guesses the picture in any of the methods, they should then briefly tell that Bible story in their own words. Feel free to add more cards in this category than I have provided.)

Moses in the basket

Jesus healing the blind man

The Burning Bush

Daniel and the Lions Den

Jesus and Joseph the Carpenter

The Last Supper

The Good Samaritan


I am the son of Elizabeth. Mary is my Aunt. Jesus is my cousin. I went to the River Jordan, there I baptized Jesus. Who am I?

I am a famous Mother. I am the mother of many. I lived in a garden. I was beguiled. I was made from the rib of a man. Who am I?

I was the youngest son of Jesse. Samuel anointed me to be the new king.
Before I became king I served King Saul. I played the harp beautifully and would play for Saul to soothe him when he was troubled. I also fought the enemies of Israel. I defeated a giant Philistine and relied on God to help me.
The giant's name was Goliath. Who am I?

I was a just man who loved God. For 120 years I taught the gospel to people who lived on earth. I warned them to repent but the people didn't listen. Finally, God told me to build a great ship called an ark. God told me to take two males and two females of each animal. It rained for forty days and forty nights. My family all survived the great flood while the wicked did not. To thank God for being saved, I built an altar and offered sacrifices. In return, God made a promise to me. God said, "The waters shall never again come to destroy all living things. As a token of this promise, I will place a rainbow in the sky." Who am I?

We lived at the time of King Nebuchadnezzar. He built a golden statue and commanded everyone to worship it. We knew we should worship only Heavenly Father and refused to bow down to the idol. The king was angry and commanded that we be thrown into a fiery furnace. He was amazed then to see us calmly walking in the hot fire with a fourth man whose form was "like the Son of God."
The king called the us out of the furnace. We were not harmed. The King praised their God for saving them, and sent out a decree that no one should speak against our God. Who are we?


How many books are in the Bible? (66)

How many chapters are in the Bible? (1189)

In 2 Samuel 21:20, you can read about a man who had what? (6 fingers on each hand and 6 toes on each foot.)

Genesis means what? (Beginning. The book a Genesis is all about the beginning of time.)

There was once a man who lived to be 969 years old. What was his name? Genesis 5:27 (It was Methuselah.)

How many loaves of bread and fishes were used to feed how many people? John 6:9-10

What is Paul teaching in 1 Corinthians 15:29?

Who was the woman who agreed to become Isaac's wife? Genesis 24:67

After Moses was found in a basket as a baby, who found him and helped raise him? Exodus 2:10

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