Inspiring Personalities

Inspiring Personalities
People that inspire are those that think outside the box and live as individuals, dancing to the beat of an intuitive drum. They stand up for what is right and stand by what they believe, without trivializing the beliefs of others. They act as change agents, subtly influencing the culture around them without creating a spectacle. They change the course of their lives because they have embarked upon their true passion or purpose. Finally, they live their purpose and make a difference. Then, they wrap it all up in a humble bundle of peace and joy, and they make it look effortless to the rest of us.

I enjoy being in the same space with inspiring personalities. Their company is inviting and personal. They tend not to complain much because they are flexible. If you are allowed into their lives, you feel lucky, because they are focused and their time is precious. They live life to the fullest, full of energy and vigor because they are on a mission. They seem to hardly notice the small things that irritate the rest of us, and they accept the big things that they cannot control. They are strong in what they stand for and “no” is presented with a smile. Sometimes, that “no” is firm, but also gentle, so that you almost feel it was subliminal.

I want to be one of those inspirational people. Identifying my passions. Allowing those passions to lead me to my purpose. Allowing my purpose to lead me through life. Setting clear goals and staying focused. I want to listen to my intuition and act on those directives quickly. These are characteristics I aspire to possess.

I want to be ecstatic about the direction my life is going in. I want to feel like I am following a miraculous path that presents me with millions of moments of synchronicity. I will be that personality.

Maybe you also want to be one of these powerful personalities. How hard can it be? We have to focus inward and get to know ourselves. We have to be willing to look in the mirror at every inch of who we are. We must learn to understand what makes us tick and what shuts us down.

We have to accept our past experiences, good and bad, as lessons in life and moments that shape us. We have to identify what makes us feel good and what “good” feels like. We have to recognize what “not good” feels like and understand that this feeling means we are probably off course. We have to learn to say, “yes” to ourselves and “no” to others. We have to appreciate all that we have and get focused on where we want to be.

We have to look at the habits of the personalities that inspire us and figure out if it works for us. Then, in the words of Bruce Lee, we must: ‎
1. Research our own experience

2. Absorb what is useful

3. Reject what is useless

4. Add what is uniquely our own

So, if, like me, you desire to be an inspiring personality, take this journey with me. Get to know you and strive for peace and joy within.

Who’s game?

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