Essential Oils and the Perfume Industry

Essential Oils and the Perfume Industry
How Essential Oils Have Impacted the Perfume Industry

The interesting thing about the perfume industry is the fact that many of the unnatural, synthetic scents were developed to mimic essential oils and other natural plant scents. People love the scent of jasmine, rose, or orange, so the manufacturers developed artificial scents, which bombard to olfactory system. When you breathe in the synthetic ingredients, they smell pleasant because the manufacturers create the product in a way so that the smells mimic the natural scents.

But, there is a big difference between the natural scents and the synthetic ingredients. When natural, plant-based ingredients are used, they can be beneficial for your health and you can enjoy the therapeutic benefits from the perfume. It is much better to choose a natural option, instead of potentially harming your health with synthetic ingredients.

When natural perfumes are used, they contain essential oils, which can literally impact the brain, because you can experience the holistic benefits of the essential oil by smelling it. Some essential oils help to lift the mood and make you happy, others have a grounding and calming effect, and other essential oils can have an impact on hormone balancing.

The main reason that essential oils can be so beneficial in the perfume industry is because the essential oil can have a positive impact on your mental, emotional, and physical health. So, you can benefit from the pleasant smell, and actually improve your health at the same time.

Natural Perfume Blends for Optimal Results

As more people are learning about the negative health benefits that can occur from synthetic ingredients, the popularity of natural products is growing. If you want to be sure that your perfume is safe to use, then you need to make sure that it is truly "natural," and not just labeled as natural for marketing purposes. Keep in mind that companies can label a product as "natural" even if there are synthetic ingredients, so the labels can be deceiving.

One distinction that can be made is by looking at the way the oil is listed in the ingredients list. For example, often products will contain "fragrance oil," which is very different from essential oil. To the average person, fragrance oil doesn't sound like a bad ingredient, but if it says "fragrance oil" then it likely means that the oil was made synthetically.

Fragrance oils are developed strictly to mimic the scent of the natural essential oil. For example, there are a number of products available that smell like lavender, but the synthetic lavender scent is not beneficial for any health condition. On the other hand, natural lavender essential oil has the pleasant aroma of lavender, plus you are able to enjoy additional benefits which can be used for a number of symptoms: burns, bug bites, wounds, acne, stress, insomnia, coughing, muscle pain, and more.

Finding High Quality Natural Perfumes

Look for perfumes that are made from plant sources, and you might need to do a little research in order to make sure that you are buying from a reputable company. As you are researching the natural perfume products that you would like to buy, make sure that the plants are grown the right way. The best types of essential oils are extracted from plants that have been grown organically, in a wild environment.

When plants are farmed, it can actually change the composition of the plant, and have an impact on the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil. Additionally, synthetic pesticides are often used in the farming, and which means that those pesticides will likely be within the natural perfume as well.

Also, there is a difference between therapeutic essential oils, and the general essential oils that are often used in perfumes and other body care products. It is estimated that 98% of the essential oils today are used in the perfume industry, but many of them are distilled in a way which loses the therapeutic benefits of the oil. Or, the essential oil might be cut with solvents or diluted with other ingredients to make it cheaper.

In order for the essential oil to contain the possible therapeutic benefits, it needs to be extracted from the plant using specific methods. The extraction method depends on the type of plant, because there are different ways to distill the essential oil in order to be sure the highest quality product is produced. If you are planning to buy a natural perfume, you should consider asking about the distillation process of the essential oils, in order to make sure that you can enjoy the health benefits from the therapeutic essential oil.

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