Is Your Summer Scent Heat Resistant?

Is Your Summer Scent Heat Resistant?
With temperatures being all over the place, is your summer scent heat resistant or do you become body with another odor? You all know that the way a scent expresses itself on your skin is because of your body chemistry but heat adds a completely different element.

With heat comes perspiration and with perspiration comes body odor. If your deodorant doesn't hold up to the heat, you're in trouble and neither will your perfume. Together, body odor and perfume don't mix well at all.

How do you wear a scent in the summer heat and wear it well?

One way of wearing a summer scent is by creating what's known as a summer scent wardrobe. You start with a body wash. A body wash in your favorite scent or scent blend will allow you to set the first layer of your scent as a foundation.

A body butter will be the next product you wear. Body butters are whipped moisturizers that nourish and nurture your skin. They are light in weight and texture and will enhance or compliment your body wash as part of your fragrance wardrobe.

Some of you actually prefer body oils in the summer as long as they are lighter in weight. Grapeseed, almond and coconut oils fill this bill and can be scented.

Body Spray Mist will complete your scent wardrobe. While most of you will consider this a perfume, you can actually create one that's made of water and essential oils.

They are cool and refreshing to your skin and do not have the alcohol that's often found in perfumes

Some times the only scent you'll need in the summer heat is your natural self. Unscented body butters and body washes will still give you the ability to clean and moisturize your skin.

A Few Things To Remember About Wearing Scents in the Summertime

* Don't spray the outside of your clothes with your favorite scent. Perfumes can often stain garments and ruin them. Spray the lining of your garment instead, fabrics can be great enhancers of scent. As your body temperature rises and touches your clothes so will the aroma that exudes off you as you walk by others.

* Be careful where you spray your favorite scent on your body in summer heat. The sun will dry your skin out especially at the back of your neck.

* Since heat rises, your scent will rise with your body heat. So spray areas below your waist, in the small of your back and between your thighs. If you want to feel the heat above your waist, spay or massage your scent in between your breast.

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