Light and Airy Warm Weather Scents

Light and Airy Warm Weather Scents
Don't you just love the warmth of the sun on your skin after a cold winter? I know I do and I'm always off to the beach whenever I get a chance. So as the weather warms up, your scent choice will lighten up also. No need for heavy scents but you can keep them around for night time. But what scents or scent blends would you wear for daytime use? Citrus and floral make a great combination for warm weather blends.

Here are 3 Essential Oil choices to consider for Warm Weather Scents :< /b>

Orange: Sweet, warm, sensuous and radiant, orange is by far my favorite warm weather scent. Not only can you wear this beauty as a single scent, you can blend it with some of your other favorite oils and create a wonderful perfume.

You can use filtered or distilled water, put it into a 4 oz bottle and add about 12 drops of orange oil and you've just created a beautiful body spray mist or air freshener. You can also add those same 12 drops to coconut and jojoba oil and create a luscious body oil for smooth soft skin right out of the bath.

Orange essential oil is also being used in the home fragrance industry in shampoo solutions for carpet cleaning. Orange essential oil blends very well with lemon, cinnamon and ylang ylang.

Lavender: Refreshing and also known as the Mother of essential oils, Lavender is used in the cosmetic industry across the board. Everything from Lavender in shampoo and laundry detergent to acting as the staple in most perfume blends.

Lavender can also be worn as a single scent perfume but works well with Orange, Geranium and Rose essential oils. When you're adding Lavender in your blends, you'll only need to add one or two drops. It has a tendency to overpower other oils if you add too many drops.

Since I mentioned loving the beach in warm weather, if you happen to get sunburned, a few drops of Lavender oil added to aloe vera oil is very effective in calming your skin.

Rose: A lot of people don't like the smell of Rose in a perfume because they associate it with "Old" and "Matronly", yet they love a Rose garden. Go figure!

Rose essential oil does not come cheap. It is expensive and therefore deserves special treatment and should be saved for special blends. But a drop or two added to Lavender or Jasmine will give you a sultry and sensual perfume blend.

Just the beginning ...

These three essential oils represent a starting point for warm weather scents. Whether you blend them with each other, add them to different essential oils or wear them as single scent perfumes, you'll have fun and smell wonderful.

Life Never Smelled So Sweet!

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