Making Career Choice and Career Management Decisions

Making Career Choice and Career Management Decisions
Making career choice and financial decisions can be a challenge, and it seems like there are always plenty of decisions to make when you find yourself out of work. Some career decisions are life altering and others are less monumental. When you're already in the middle of a big life change, all of your other decisions can feel pretty overwhelming.

"I have always argued that change becomes stressful and overwhelming only
when you've lost any sense of the constancy of your life. You need firm ground
to stand on. From there, you can deal with that change." Richard Nelson Bolles

If you are making career choice and financial decisions, you may be considering a variety of issues:

  • Will you accept a new job offer?
  • Maybe going back to school is the best option for you.
  • Is a career change is in order, or will you search for work in your current profession or industry?
  • Will you need to reduce your current household expenses? If so, what will you change to make that happen?

Whatever next steps you are considering, it can be helpful to analyze them a bit objectively.

When I lost my last job, I came across a very interesting online decision making tool called Choose It!

Choose It! is extremely simple and straightforward, so I was actually quite skeptical when I initially saw it. Any career choice test I've used in the past has been pretty complex, so I wasn't initially hopeful that an extremely simple bit of software could help with decision making.

I kept an open mind and tried Choose It!, and I was very pleasantly surprised with the results.

It's very simple to use. The first time you try it, you can go through a quick tour that shows you a clear example of exactly how to use the software. It took me very little time to learn to use the program, and it guided me step by step through a logical decision making process.

I tend to be more of an intuitive, gut feeling kind of person when it comes to making decisions, so having a simple program to guide me through a more analytical decision making process and a different way of thinking was a great experience. Also, because Choose It! is a general decision making tool, and not limited to making career choice decisions, you can use it to help you think through a lot of different types of decisions.

You do need to be ready with all of the information you need to prioritize your options if you're going to use Choose It! to its full effect. Keep in mind that Choose It! does not provide you with possible career options; it helps you to think through and choose among a variety of options that you already have in mind. So, the better you understand your own options and priorities, the better result you'll get from the program.

Choose It! is simple, effective and free, and it helps you to prioritize your options in an objective and logical manner. I do recommend giving this tool a try if you are in the process of making career choice or other career management decisions.

Find out more and try Choose It!

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