Final Fantasy History and Timeline

Final Fantasy History and Timeline
Final Fantasy has become a RPG sensation, with each new release gaining more and more popularity. Learn more about how Final Fantasy began and how its games have progressed over the years.

Final Fantasy
Released: Japan, Dec 1987; US, Jul 1988
System: Nintendo (NES)
The one that started it all. The classic combo of Fighter, Thief, Black Mage and White Mage build up experience and levels in 8-bit graphic glory while saving the world.
Review of FF1 in the Final Fantasy Origins pack

Final Fantasy II
Released: Japan, Dec 1988; US, 2003 in FF Origins
System: Nintendo (NES)
This game was never released in the US until the 2003 release of the Final Fantasy Origins compilation. What US players thought was FF2 was actually FF4. A pretty neat system allows your 4 teammates to get better at whatever they choose to do, be it spellcasting, fighting, or other activities. Save the world again, right there from your own den.
Review of FFII in the Final Fantasy Origins pack

Final Fantasy III
Released: Japan, Jan 1990; US, never
System: Nintendo (NES)
Hasn't been released in any compilations and has never been released in the US. Only Japanese players have been able to touch this game!

Final Fantasy IV
Released: Japan, Jan 1991; US, July 1991
System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
The second release of Final Fantasy to hit the states did so with a vengeance. It became hugely popular and became one of the top RPGs of its time. This was re-released in a compilation with ChronoTrigger.

Final Fantasy V
Released: Japan, Jan 1993; US, Nov 1999
System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Part of the Final Fantasy Anthology which includes FF5 and FF6. The job system in this game allows your characters to specialize in what your gameplay style requires - knight, monk, thief, etc. 16-bit graphics are reasonably good here.
Review of FFV in the Final Fantasy Anthology

Final Fantasy VI
Released: Japan, Apr 1994; US, Oct 1994
System: Super Nintendo (SNES)
By now the Final Fantasy series had really picked up steam. This game is also available on the Final Fantasy Anthology, allowing current gamers to relive the fun of the great plot. The world has decided to do away with magic and is now based on steam power and technology.
Review of FFVI in the Final Fantasy Anthology

Final Fantasy VII
Released: Japan, Feb 1997; US, Oct 1997
System: Sony Playstation
What a HUGE difference for gamers! By moving the game onto the Playstation platform, requiring THREE CDs of gameplay, the improvement in graphics, sound and playability was just amazing. This changeover gave the series a huge boost in popularity.
Review of FFVII

Final Fantasy VIII
Released: Japan, Feb 1999; US, Sept 1999
System: Sony Playstation
The game was now up to 4 CDs and boasted amazing video cut scenes and gorgeous music. The soundtrack to the game sold almost 50,000 copies! Some hated the new realistic-look. Others were swept away by the romance and believable characters.
Review of FFVIII

Final Fantasy IX
Released: Japan, Jul 2000; US, Nov 2000
System: Sony Playstation
After the flak from the FF8 release for being too realistic, this one dove straight back into its roots. Vivi, the black mage, joins his cartoon buddies in a world chock-full of magic and dragons.
Review of FFIX

Final Fantasy X
Released: Japan, Jul 2001; US, Dec 2001
System: Sony PS2
The first FF release for the PS2 created a world of amazing graphics, interesting characters, a compelling time-travelling plot and lots of special effects.
Review of FFX

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