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Lori Phillips
BellaOnline's Marriage Editor

Lori Phillips is an author who writes about marriage and spirituality topics. She promotes healthy, loving and lifelong unions for couples by focusing on simple and honest truths about love. With humor, love, and lots of prompts for self-work, her articles can help your marriage thrive.

"Most people never experience the highest dimensions of love because they limit it with too many strings and expectations," she explained. "Marriage deserves--and delivers--the best that love has to offer, if only people understand that true love is unconditional."

Her success in helping marriages stems, in part, from her willingness to open up her own private life in order to connect with others. Lori and her husband Scott have been married for nearly 30 years. Their marriage has weathered nearly every threat that assails marriages today, including the death of a child, financial crises, health problems, in-law troubles, personality differences, religious differences, addiction, and more. Those who know them are amazed that their love for each other only grows.

“Ours isn’t any different from others´, except that after each trial, we learned something about ourselves,” she said. “It takes humility to see that there is always an opportunity to become a better person and that we change only ourselves to affect the other person. Our hearts matured into being able to love unconditionally. And yours can, too.”

"It isn´t always easy. Our marriage is not perfect. We fight, we argue but when faced with the option of divorce, we always choose to stay because living without each other would be a sad and bleak life. I say marriage forces people to grow or go. We choose growth--and our love grows, too."

High divorce and live-in rates seem to indicate that traditional marriage, as a religious and social contract, is moving toward obsolescence. But Phillips maintains that marriage, as a commitment between devoted partners who vow to be together for life, will endure as long as love exists. “Lovers want some way of bonding together, a formal declaration to the world, to announce that they belong together.”

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(at sign)BellaMarriage

In-law relationships can be the most difficult, and they can destroy otherwise happy marriages, too. By seeing things from each other´s perspective, you´ll gain the understanding you need to let down your guard and open your hearts to new family members. This simple little book is filled with truths that can...

When the doctor told me to help my husband lose weight, the idea made me laugh out loud. I couldn´t even get him to pick up his dirty socks. How could I get him to stop eating his beloved egg rolls or drinking his daily gallon of cola?
But after a heart attack and a weight gain of over 90 pounds during our marriage, my husband needed to lose weight or risk death. He was a lifelong smoker, sedentary, and suddenly suffering from backaches and knee injuries due to the excess pounds on his small frame.
My job was serious and seriously difficult. But his life was at stake. And that meant mine was, too. He is my life.

Chronically plagued by relationship problems in your professional, social and personal circles? If people bring out the worst in you wherever you go, maybe the problem is you. Or at least, your attitude. If so, only the raw truth will help, and this quirky, self-help, pop psychology book could be your wake-up call.

"Stop being a b-tch! You´re ruining your relationship!" provides simple tips that help bitchy personalities recognize and rehabilitate their self-defeating and off-putting behaviors. Fun quizzes like "Are you a b-tch?" "What type of b-tch are you?" and "Does your guy think you´re a b-tch but doesn´t want to tell you?" will help diagnose your b-tch personality type while positive affirmations and practice session suggestions help you create your new ex-b-tch reality.

So, you´re a b-tch. But deep within, there is a nice person waiting to come out to have a nice life.

Are You an A-hole?
Civilization hasn´t been able to eliminate man´s primal instincts. It´s still man against man in a continual struggle to win a mate, hunt down resources to provide for his posterity, and protect what is his. Whether a cave or castle or suburban duplex, a man needs to carve out his place in the world. Competition is the way of a man´s life.

But even during the days of early man, the smartest homo sapiens knew when cooperation was better than competition. And that precisely is where an otherwise good man takes a bad turn and crosses into a-hole territory. He needs to get what he wants at all costs.
You can continue to think and act like an a-hole and believe that it doesn´t matter. You can live in denial and tell yourself that you´re not an a-hole at all. But the proof is in the quality of your life and relationships. If your marriage, family, and career relationships are not so great, you could improve the quality of your life by being open to a better life. There´s a deep and hidden spot in the heart of every a-hole that harbors a secret pain. That pain is the result of a wound inflicted somewhere along his life. But on top of that pain is yet more pain-the pain from all the negative feedback and rejection that he feels when he is being an a-hole. It´s a vicious cycle for this mean and injured man. He covers up his pain by being an a-hole, but being an a-hole only results in more pain.

Stopping the pain isn´t as hard as it would seem. But first you must acknowledge that changing is good. Change will bring relief and better relationships.

Check out, "Stop being a b-tch! You´re ruining your relationship!" Just in case, it´s her and not you after all.

You can´t be a healthy person if your mind resists healthy habits. Your thoughts about food and exercise have to change. Understanding the powerful human urge to avoid pain and enjoy pleasure, we turned looked for a good feeling to attach to our better choices and a bad feeling to attach to poor choices.
It worked. In an instant.
People thought my daughter and I were nuts when we adopted our new principles of a healthy life. No one before ever attached "feeling good" to the weight loss process. Being thin, yes, but not to the process of losing weight. But we did. We deliberately looked for ways to re-frame how we thought about every choice we made and made it pleasurable. We found the joy in every choice with 12 Mind Games we played to make our minds work for us instead of against us.
BONUS BOOK section include real life weight loss clients´ "Crazy Diet Cheats that Really Work!" that tell the humorous lengths people go to in order to cheat and still lose weight.

Today, hoarding is recognized as both a symptom of other conditions and a syndrome of its own. Our personal experiences with family hoarders taught us about the tremendous emotional toll it takes on those who live or love hoarders.

Unlike the hoarding therapy that is depicted on popular television shows, we learned that the emergency clean up is not the time to begin a hoarder´s therapy. In fact, involving the hoarder in the initial clean up can be detrimental to his recovery.

We do not approach the necessary and ongoing treatment required for a hoarder to overcome his hoarding tendencies but we have learned how to ease the mind of a hoarder as we created a safe, healthy and happy living environment for him when he is unable to establish this for himself.

We hope our experiences can help you and your loved one who hoards.

What is spiritual protection? A warrior dons armor to protect himself from harm by physical assault. Spiritual protection is like spiritual armor to protect not only one´s spirit but also his mind, body and soul. Arrows and bullets afflict only the body, but a spiritual attack can do harm to one´s mind-body-spirit well being.

Learn how to shield yourself with all-important energy, the seven secrets about evil you need to know, and the three sacred secrets you must never forget.

This is a must-read for anyone who encounters dark entities either intentionally (ghost hunting) or unintentionally (haunting). This information also helps strengthen those who embark on a spiritual journey to develop their psychic abilities with or without divination tools.

Contact Lori Phillips

Digging Out: How to help a hoarder
by Lori Phillips
Today, hoarding is recognized as both a symptom of other conditions and a syndrome of its own. Our personal experiences with family hoarders taught us about the tremendous emotional toll it takes on those who live or love hoarders.
More Details ...

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