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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Walkthrough
This is an AMAZING game and a lot of it comes down to practicing with the cars and weapons. And the music!!!

You can't just know what the strategy is - you have to be able to implement it. Don't race through the game from mission to mission. Take your time doing side missions, exploring, practicing. Run a LOT to build up your stamina. It really helps! The better you know each town, and know how to drive from place to place, the easier the missions are.


Getting Started
Your Background and Random Ratings
Character Listing
A Note about the Graphics
An Old Friend

Rosenberg The Lawyer (L)
The Party
Back Alley Brawl
Jury Fury

The Phone (phone symbol)
Road Kill
Waste the Wife
Check Out at the Check In
Loose Ends

Avery the Cowboy (A)
Four Iron
Demolition Man
Two Bit Hit

Cortez the Yacht Guy (C)
Treacherous Swine
Mall Shootout
Guardian Angels
Sir, Yes Sir!
All Hands on Deck

Diaz the Coke Kingpin (D)
The Chase
Phnom Penh '86
The Fastest Boat
Supply and Demand
Rub Out

Robina the Cuban (Flowery Thing)
Stunt Boat Challenge
Cannon Fodder
Naval Engagement
Trojan Voodoo

Auntie Poulet the Haitian (Voodoo Doll)
JuJu Scramble
Bombs Away
Dirty Lickin's

Kent Paul, English Dude (K)
Death Row
Love Juice
Psycho Killer
Publicity Tour

Your Own Missions (V)
Bar Brawl
Cop Land

Mitch Baker, Bike Gang Leader (spade)
Alloy Wheels of Steel
Messing with the Man
Hog Tied

Kaufman Cabs (yellow K)
Friendly Rivalry

Print Shop ($)
Spilling the Beans
Hit the Courier

Malibu Club (palm tree)
No Escape?
The Shootist
The Driver
The Job

Film Studio (film clapper)
Recruitment Drive
Dildo Dodo
Martha's Mug Shot

Phil's Trailer (P)
Gun Runner
Boomshine Saigon

Boatyard (B)
Checkpoint Charlie

Ending Missions (V)
FAQ: How do I activate these missions?
Cap the Collector
Keep your Friends Close ...

Special Missions
Taxi Missions
Vigilante Missions
Ambulance Missions
Fire Truck Missions
Pizza Delivery Missions
Ice Cream Mission
Stores to Hold Up

Car-Related Information
Car Listing with Photos
Street Races
Car Delivery Lists
Racing at the Stadium
Unique Jumps and Other Jumps

Finding Useful Items
Houses and Businesses to Buy (with garages!)
Hidden Packages
Health Locations
A Fashion Parade of Outfits
Cop Bribes (spinny star badges)
Weapon Locations
Body Armor Locations
What are those Red-and-White Pills?

Nifty Things to Do
RC and Motorcycle Races
Getting Lots of Cash!
Bouncing a Beach Ball!
Sniping a Sea Gull!
Feeding the Fishes

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Review

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