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BellaOnline's Meditation Editor


"Unless you are reflective, you cannot draw forth the full value of your study. They may make you a well-informed person but they need not necessarily make you a wise person, ..." - Sw. Chidananda

Stories and Inspirations star
Collection of articles.

Attitude and Meditation Make a Difference star
After a period of time, the feeling of bliss creeps out from meditation and stays with us. That is the wonderful blessing meditation imparts.

Become More Positive by Meditating star
Regular meditation contributes to developing a positive personality. It’s a situation of like for like, or so you think, so you become.

Bedtime Meditation star
Meditation time with a period for reflection gives us the opportunity to unwind, think about the day, regroup our energy, realign our short term or long term goals as we feel would be beneficial.

Bodies Without Borders in Meditation star
In deep meditation, with the mind fully awake and aware, there comes a state of being when we don't feel our physical body.

Chores Can Be a Meditation star
Even the most distasteful chores can be transformed into giving a peaceful and harmonious feeling by accepting they need to be done, and breathing evenly, rhythmically, throughout.

Comparison of Meditation and Prayer star
Comparison of Contemplative or Reflective Meditation and Prayer: Quiet time spent requesting heavenly aid is indeed a prayer, whether begun as a written verse that is repeated with sincerity, or a spontaneous monologue for help.

Contemplation and Meditation star
When we think about something, we are contemplating what to do next, what would be best, what course to follow. Contemplation is a most useful skill to develop.

Contemplation Before Meditation star
Contemplation serves as a clearinghouse in our mind. We bring out a situation for review, process it, and then pass it on into usefulness or discard it as unusable for us.

Controlling Behavior with Meditation star
If you are out in public and start feeling out of control, you can inconspicuously start a pattern of even and rhythmic breathing without anyone noticing what you are doing.

Disordered Thinking, Sin, and a Helpful Meditation star
In my opinion, reconnecting with our Source of love and peace and joy is the path that obliterates sin from the mind and actions that follow.

Diving Deeply Into Meditation star
The more we meditate, the deeper we sink toward our roots that go inward, and radiate further than the physical and mental realms into the unseen spiritual.

Emotion to Devotion Meditation star
Feeling emotion is part of our nature. It is more than feeling happy and smiling and crying when sad. Emotional feelings of joy bring forth a rush of energy in our body and positive thoughts to mind.

Everything Is Interconnected - Meditation star
We see variety in the world; different looking people and objects. But, going a little deeper within each form on the physical level, we find all are made up of atoms.

Experiencing Joy by Reflecting and Meditating star
As babies, we see the world around us at face value: shapes, colors, dimensions. It is only later that we come to feel gratitude for the unseen but present qualities of love, care, and kindness.

Finding Presence in Meditation star
Presence is a harmonious state of being without boundaries to crush in and restrict ones view, mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. This guided meditation will give you an experience of presence that you can later reflect on and go back to.

Finding the Heart of Meditation star
The period of quiet time that follows prayer is the heart of meditation.

Illusion - Meditation - Change star
Shadings appear as temporary circumstances. Their illusions of permanence are shattered with the infusion of our unconditional love.

Improve Your Abilities Through Concentration star
When a problem is complex or difficult we need to pay attention to the details by concentrating little by little till the answer is known. It is this way whether for spiritual advancement through concentration and meditation, or scientific understanding.

Impulse Control Meditation star
When we let situations escalate to the point we feel upset we're more liable to act negative or nasty to those around us. If we were feeling peaceful and calm in the midst of the same event we would be less likely to blame others.

In Deep Meditation Walk Through the Inner Doorway star
Get ready for an adventure through inner space. That's what it is like passing through the outer rooms of meditation, and walking out into the beautiful gardens, bright with sunshine; unlimited sky.

Increase Spiritual Awareness by Meditating star
Spiritual awareness and the joy it imparts are not separate aspects of daily living. It makes an appearance every moment that we live for the highest resolve of the situation at that moment.

Insight Meditation Technique star
We spend our quiet moments mentally conversing with ourselves, thinking over situations and problems on all levels. Should I do this or that? How should I act?

Intuition - Synchronicity - Meditation star
Intuition leads us to finding expression in the flow of synchronistic events, allows our curiosity to manifest, while we discover what is going on within and around us. It is growth from the inside out.

Is It Better to Meditate at Dawn or Dusk? star
The changing of night into day and day into night are transition times in our energy level, and perfect times to meditate.

Meditate As a World Family star
The group energy of meditating as one family of humanity is far reaching and all inclusive.

Meditate for Answers star
By concentrating on breathing and saying a mantra we free space in the depths below the rambling mind to pull out the answer to a problem.

Meditation - Attracting Bliss star
Meditating regularly allows an ever wider channel of bliss to flow through our lives. It is not limited to the time spent in sitting but rather, extends outward to encompass more and more aspects of living.

Meditation - Exploration star
Meditation taps into unlimited joy, opens our hearts to caring love, and revitalizes our outlook on life.

Meditation – Self Realization? star
Meditation clears debris from our thinking; takes us from self-centeredness to self-giving. And, it is when our heart is expanding that we grow into our full human nature which is really part of our divine nature.

Meditation and Our Multi-Dimensional World star
We know about the plants and animals, animate and inanimate. But there are unseen dimensions accessible in meditation to help us solve problems and gain insight.

Meditation and Your Spiritual Spiral star
There is a saying that no man is an island and that pertains to spiritual growth also. If we isolate ourselves and only tend to our self-serving desires, we are spinning our wheels in place, going nowhere.

Meditation Clears Debris Hiding Joy star
Meditation clears the mind of the debris of attachment to achievements and acquisitions in the outside world, making space and time for us to experience our self-effulgent joy and bliss.

Meditation Helps Awaken Heart Perceptions star
We might think that a perception coming from our ´heart´ would be mushy but it is just the opposite. It is a practical application of our spiritual nature that can be further awakened through meditation practice.

Meditation Is a Towline to the Divine star
We can use the towline of meditation to pull ourselves back to the permanent part of ourselves.

Meditation on Religion and Spirituality star
Meditation for Contemplation on Religion and Spirituality: Ten people can be practicing ten different religions, yet share the same spiritual experiences and understandings.

Meditation Reveals Our Sacred Body star
Our sacred body: Our body when used for the highest purpose of the moment; our body when used in loving and caring; our body when housing feelings and thoughts of healing and prayer.

Meditation's Role in Experiencing the Soul star
The soul can be realized by experiencing its nature, and this happens quite easily through the practice of meditation.

Meditations for Reflecting on Inner and Outer Relationships star
Series of articles using reflective meditation for developing a clearer relationship with our Divine Source and with the people in our life.

Memory and Meditation star
I have found that if I need to remember a specific fact, that I have a greater chance of success by doing a mini-meditation.

Moment to Moment Meditation star
Affirmation in the meditation: Moment to moment I am here. Moment to moment might I be consciously here. Aware of my true eternal, internal self. Best ready for action to face the world squarely, purely, lovingly, energetically.

Natural Outdoor Meditation star
A great way to enjoy peace in the outdoors when weather permits.

Pausing in Winter for Reflection star
Reflection is such an important part of our life, the time when we work out pressing concerns and decide on a plan of action.

Reflecting on Opinions on Various Religions star
Talking about our own and different religions - some thoughts.

Reflection and Prayer on Platonic Love star
The flow of loving energy keeps charging and recharging our batteries in our platonic love relationships.

Remembering September 11th star
September 11, 2001 was a turning point in our inner and outer lives; a doorway to carry forth our inner light as a torch of healing for all.

Secular and Religious Head Coverings star
Commentary on Secular and Religious Head Coverings and Adornments: In my opinion, the reasons given for separating religion and state as far as bodily coverings are concerned come out of fear that wearing head coverings, scarves and veils is actually more than signs of religious respect.

Seeing More by Being Still in Meditation star
Stay in the single moment experience in each ever-new moment, for the widest open view.

Soul Over Mind Reflective Meditation star
This verse is for reflection in the quiet portion of your meditation. If you wish, take a few lines at a time in each meditation.

Spiritual Awareness Through Meditation and Action star
Spiritual realization is felt as harmony; our physical body relaxed and free of dis-ease; our mind calm, balanced, centered, without want of an outer achievement.

Spiritual Living and Meditation star
What role does meditation play in developing awareness of our spiritual nature?

Taking Time for Reflection During the Day star
If we integrate insight gained during a few minutes of reflection before taking action, don´t we can get the job done more efficiently?

Temptation and Self-Control Meditation star
Giving into temptation comes when we lose self-control. Temptation is out in the world in many forms and it takes a strong backbone to resist what we know is not good for us or will hurt others.

The Big Three - Wisdom, Purity, Meditation star
Develop wisdom and meditate to purify actions for highest happiness. Wisdom provides a wise dome. The dome covers us with a shield against wrong action.

Transforming Human Love into Divine Love star
Energy used in a positive manner keeps caring and loving feelings uppermost in mind.

Walking Meditation for Problem Solving star
When there is a chance for a 10 minute walk, here is a meditation for problem solving I find useful. Even circling a large parking lot when no chance to go into the country is an opportunity.

Wisdom from Meditation and Purity star
A way to project wisdom right now is to have caring feelings for all people and the creation. When we act from our heart, we do what is best for all.

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