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BellaOnline's Flash and Animation Editor

Flash ActionScript

ActionScript is the Flash scripting language. These articles and examples will cover beginner to advanced applications for ActionScript in Flash.

* Article Index - Flash ActionScript star
ActionScript is the Flash scripting language. These articles and examples will cover beginner to advanced applications for ActionScript in Flash.

* Flash Particle System Snowfall Scene Animation with ActionScript 3 star
When you have finished this series, you will have a modular particle system code that you can use as a starting point to build any Flash project that needs a particle system.

ActionScript 3 and Flash CS3 Professional star
With this newest upgrade of Flash CS3 Professional, the Flash ActionScript scripting language has grown up into a full-fledged programming language. Let's start with the basics.

ActionScript fl.transitions and TransitionManager star
One of the nice things about Flash OOP is the many pre-built classes. These classes can be thought of as built-in blocks of code. Some of the most useful are the classes used for programming animation because the complicated mathematics is already programmed for you.

ActionScript, Document Class and Flash Movie star
In an effort to move closer toward the OOP programming convention of modular code in an external file, we will now take a look at a way to include ActionScript into your Flash movie using the Document class.

Add a Hyperlink to a Button in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional star
Many readers have asked how to create links in Flash movies that will take your visitor to another website such as your eBay store. In most cases, this link will either be a button or a text link. In this tutorial, we will take a look at how to create a button link in your Flash movie.

Add Library Items to Stage Flash ActionScript 3 star
In this tutorial, our goal is to load and run a movie clip with ActionScript. But, the movie clip is not on the stage when the website is loaded. It is stored in the Flash Library.

Button Behaviors in ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 star
With the upgrade to ActionScript 3 in Flash CS3, I thought that it would be useful to program a button using both AS2 and AS3, so that you can see the changes necessary for ActionScript 3.

Controlling the Alpha Property for Fade-in Effect star
In this tutorial, we will program a fade-in effect for a movie clip as it is added to the Display List. We will tell Flash to increase the Alpha for the movie clip progressively until the movie clip is 100% visible.

Creating a Class with Flash ActionScript star
We have been discussing the options for including ActionScript in a Flash project. The ActionScript code that we used in these tutorials drew a red circle on the stage. Lets take a look at the code in more detail and learn how to create a class in ActionScript 3.

Flash ActionScript 3 scaleY to Open an Envelope star
Now that we have programmed the envelope flap in our Flash animation to appear fully open above the envelope when the stamp button is clicked, we need to refine the animation to make it appear that the flap is slowly opening. We will do this by controlling two properties of the flap object.

Flash ActionScript 3 Tween Class star
This tutorial is about the ActionScript tween method. You will use this method when you need more control over the tween than you have with the Timeline method.

Flash ActionScript and Data Types star
In this tutorial, we will learn how to declare a data type for a new variable.

Flash CS3 Drawing API, ActionScript 3, Shape Class star
One of my favorite things to do in Flash is to draw onto the Stage. But I am not talking about drawing with the Flash drawing tools such as the Rectangle or Oval tool. In this tutorial, we will learn the basics for drawing with ActionScript 3 and the Drawing API.

Flash CS3 fl.transitions Class Parameters star
In this tutorial, we will take a look at the rest of the transitions in the fl.transitions package for Flash CS3. We will examine class parameters needed for these transition effects. Each of these transitions has its own class parameters that you can use to refine the effect.

Flash CS3 TransitionManager.start() Method star
Now that we have examined the various transitions in the Flash CS3 fl.transitions package, it's time to take a look at the code that runs these effects. The most common way to run these effects is with the TransitionManager.start() method.

Flash Drag and Drop Code Snippet star
How to use the drag and drop code snippet in Flash CS5.

How to Use A Document Class star
How to use an open source document class in your Flash project.

Installing Flint Particle System star
How to install the Flint Particle System and set the classpath.

Introducing Starling by Thibault Imbert star
This free book by Thibault Imbert is an introduction to Starling. This book is not for the beginner. It's not project-based and is heavy on code and API descriptions.

Load Image File into Flash Movie with URLRequest star
Keep the file size of your Flash project to a minimum by using external assets. These assets do not contribute to the download time. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use ActionScript 3 to load an external image into our main Flash movie.

Mapping ActionScript to Flash Movie with Linkage star
We will be using the Flash Linkage Export for ActionScript feature to associate external ActionScript code with a symbol stored in the Library. The beauty of this method is that we can add the symbol to the stage on any frame of the Timeline and as many times as needed.

Moving Objects with ActionScript in Flash CS3, the Stage and Timeline star
Become familiar with a few areas of the workspace and some terms that you will be encountering continuously as you work with ActionScript and Flash.

Naming Variables and Other Syntax Rules for ActionScript star
In this tutorial, you will learn some rules for naming your variables as well as some basic syntax rules for ActionScript.

Opening an Envelope Flash ActionScript 3 star
A few of my readers wanted to know how to create the popular Flash animation which shows an envelope opening. In this tutorial, we will create that animation and program it to begin when the stamp on the envelope is clicked.

Remove Movie Clip with ActionScript 3 star
Now that we programmed Flash to move our movie clip from the Flash Library and place it on the stage, we can work on the ActionScript that will close this movie clip. The easiest way is to create a Close button and add ActionScript to go with it that will remove our movie clip from the stage.

Setting Movie Clip Properties with ActionScript 3.0 star
In this tutorial, we will explore the properties for a Movie Clip object in the Properties Inspector and then write ActionScript 3.0 code that will set values for these properties.

The Flash ActionScript Variable star
The variable is the workhorse of any programming language. In Flash, it is one way that ActionScript can talk to the Flash program. How do you create a variable in ActionScript?

Where To Put Your ActionScript Code in Flash star
In this tutorial, we will begin to explore the many ways to include ActionScript in your Flash project. Im not talking about the many things that you can make happen with ActionScript but about how you can add ActionScript code to your Flash movie. The question is where to put the ActionScript.

Writing an ActionScript 3 Tween Function star
We are ready to code the ActionScript to run the animation. First, we will add an Event Listener to listen for a mouse click. When a mouse click occurs, a function will run that will create the Tween.

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