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Transcendent - Your Bellaonline Dreams Newsletter
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Are you fascinated by your dreams? Even if you?re not a dream fanatic as I am, you probably have experienced at least a dream or two that left you wondering, ?What was THAT about?!?? Are dreams merely data dumps from all the incoming images our brains must process or are they something more? Do dreams hold, as Jungian theorists contend, messages from our subconscious? Mystics of nearly every culture throughout the history of mankind interpreted dreams and considered those dreamscapes just as real as this physical reality. According to metaphysicians, when we dream, we are virtually in touch with other dimensions. Wouldn?t you like to know more?

My name is Lori Chidori Phillips, and it is my deep honor and pleasure to return to as the Dreams editor. I look forward to bringing you articles that will be informative, insightful and most of all, helpful to you as you reflect upon your own dreams and recognize how they influence your life.

Each week, I will post at least one new article on the topic of dreams including a new entry in my growing dream symbol dictionary with in-depth analyses of each symbol in various dream scenarios plus comprehensive dream interpretations of readers? dreams. As you will see from the dream symbol articles and dream interpretations I post, my methodology delves far below the surface.

How you can receive a dream interpretation--maybe free

If your dream is selected to appear on the Bellaonline Dreams site, your dream interpretation is free of charge. (You must give me permission to post your dream. Your name and any names that appear in your dream will be replaced or remain anonymous.)

Also, I invite you to join us in our dreams forum at here: Bellaonline Dreams Forum where you can post your dream or questions about dreams and add to our interesting discussions about dreams, too. I, along with both novice and experienced dream interpreters, occasionally chime in to share insights about dreams people post.

Thank you for your patience as this site gets repopulated. I love to hear your thoughts, dreams, and feedback. Email or post in our forum soon! And most definitely, sign up for "Transcendent" Your Bellaonline Dreams Newsletter to receive dreamy news directly in your inbox.

Until then,

Live well. Sleep well. Dream happy.

Lori Chidori Phillips
Dreams editor!

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