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g Twins Site

BellaOnline's Twins Editor

Holding Both Twins at One Time

Ways to hold Twin babies (and toddlers!) at the same time!

A Puzzle of Identical Twins star[offsite link]
an intriguing mathematical problem regarding identicals. it offers a space for your answers and responses.

ABCs of Twins in School star[offsite link]
An Interview with Pat Preedy, principal of Knowle Primary School, who had 9 sets of twins in one school year

All New Movie Posters star

Anything for Free star[offsite link]
A link to virtually every available “free stuff” offer on the Internet. Does not only pertain to parenting or children.

Baby Grams star[offsite link]
make your birth announcements look like candy wrappers. Just as cute as your twins. They have special “wrappers” just for twins and triplets

Baby Memory Books for Twins star[offsite link]
Customize your twins´ Baby Memory Books to reflect a family of traditional (mom and dad) structure or alternative (two moms, two dads, single parent) structure. You can even custom order pages for anyone you would like represented in the books: grandparents, godparents, the family pet, etc.

Back To School with Twins star

Basic First Aid and Safety tips for any parent star

Beating Summertime Blues star

BellaTwins Favorite Reads star

BellaTwins Store star[offsite link]
Deals and Discounts on gear for twins and other kids, compiled by your site editor, Kris Bigalk

Books FOR twins, ABOUT twins star
While reading a bedtime story, did one of your multiples ever ask "where´s his twin?" Here is a cute variety of stories for twins about twins.

Breastfeeding Higher Order Multiples star[offsite link]
Australian Breastfeeding Association article on breastfeeding multiples.

Calling all State Convention information star

Casting Agency star[offsite link]
A web site created by Debbie and Lisa Gant, owners of Twins Restaurant in NYC. Debbie and Lisa also operate Dreammakers, TM., the only twins and multiples casting agency. Wide variety of references. Just send photo and your multiples could be stars

Catalogs for parents of multiples star[offsite link]
offers two catalogs: More Than One - hundreds of needed items for parents of multiples and Mainly Multiples - offer specialty announcements, cards, Christening gowns and preemie layettes. Also special Christmas cards and ornaments

Charms star[offsite link]
The place to find 14K gold charms for twins and triplets.

Colleges With Sibling Scholarships star

Conjoined Twins: A Pro Life Perspective star
Conjoined twins touch on issues of abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, quality of life, and medical ethics.

Costumes star

Crayola star[offsite link]
This site contains hours of activities to do with your twins. It is arranged by age group and offers ideas from games to crafts. You must subscribe but this is free. Also link to main crayola store where you can buy hundreds of great crayola items.

Creative Kids at Home star[offsite link]
Fun activities for everyone. You can choose from Fun Activities, Holiday Activities, Fun Foods, For Younger Children, or For Older Children.

Earth Angels star[offsite link]
another site about MaryKate and Ashley Olsen. This is an unofficial site run by Bill Graper. He reviews all their movies and provides games and puzzles

Eating Developments star[offsite link]
Sue Gilbert, M.S. answers a paren’s question about her new twins appetites. May provide answers to your little ones eating habits.

Encouraging different interests star[offsite link]
A Parent´s Place article on encouraging your twins to have different interests.

Facts About Identical and Fraternal Twins star[offsite link]
Identical vs Fraternal Twins - The Basics

Family Activities star[offsite link]
A huge list of family activities brought to you by the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Family Fun star[offsite link]
A great resource for finding tons of activites the the family can enjoy together. A must have favorite.

Famous Triplets & Quads star[offsite link]
NOMOTC has done it again with famous triplets and quadruplets

Fostering the Multiple Bond star

Free Stuff for Kids star[offsite link]
Tons and tons of stuff for kids. Lots of craft items, mouse pads, software available free or at discount. Also sign up to receive updates to new free offers directly in your e-mail.

Freebie List star[offsite link]
this list gives tons of great links to freebee stuff, contests, and magazine subscriptions

Gestational Diabetes star

Getting Involved with our Twins star

Getting Involved With Your Twins - page 2 star
Page 2 of "getting involved with your twins"

Getting Your Holiday Shopping Done With Twins star
Shopping with twins can be a little daunting. Here are a couple of tips to help you get through your holiday list quickly!

Hows and Whys of Twins star[offsite link]
a feature article written by Kristine Bucar on her website. Originally published in the East Honolulu newspaper. Offers interesting facts from around the globe

Identity Crisis star

Individually in twins star[offsite link]
This article found in Parents place gives tips and information for encouraging individuality in multiples. Offers good suggestions related to separate classrooms, birthday parties, and names.

Issues and Non Issues star

Jewish Law Commentary/Opinion star[offsite link]
Editorial article on separating conjoined twins - Jewish Law by Rabbi Chaim teinmetz. In August, 2000

Joan Lunden to have twins!!! star

Joan Lunden's twins have arrived star

Just Strollers star[offsite link]
Find the perfect stroller for twins, triplets, and more.

Kindergarden Readiness star[offsite link]
This article by Brenda Roser discuss when children are ready for kindergarden. It contains useful information on what to look for in a school, what to ask about and how to judge your childs ability level.

Language Development in HOM star[offsite link]
The More the Merrier. Language Development in Twins, Triplets & Higher Order Multiples. Presentation by Paula Moss, Speech-Language pathologist and Mother of 10 month old twins.

Lasting Effects of Prematurity star

Letters From Santa star

LFMOMC star[offsite link]
Loundun/Faifax Mothers of Multiples Club. A support and social network for parents of multiples. Meet on-line to discuss areas of concern or encouragement. Bases out of Sterling, VA

Make Traveling Easier star

Marvelous Multiples Classes star[offsite link]
Prenatal class can be a useful resources. Find a class being held near you.

Meaning behind Growth Charts star[offsite link] discusses exactly what those growth charts are trying to tell us. Explains clearly the advantages and disadvantages of the growth charts.

MOST star[offsite link]
Mothers of Super Twins. A special forum for parents of triplets, quads, and more. Provides information and resources. This site also offers an extensive shopping opportunity just for multiples

Mourning the Loss of the Bijani Twins star

No Title star

NOFOTC star[offsite link]
National Online Fathers of Twins Club - this site offers support for fathers of twins and other sets of multiples. It is a unique opportunity for fathers to share ideas across the world. Includes free stuff links.

NOFOTC Freebies star[offsite link]
the National Online Fathers of Twins Club has compiled a list of organizations that offer free or discounted products. Contains companies seen before

Noodles makes a boo-boo star[offsite link]
Activities to go with the story "Noodles makes a boo-boo. A fun story about an innovative young girl and her more cautious twin brother.

Olympic Twins - Paul and Morgan Hamm star

One List star[offsite link]
One List provides a forum for those twins or multiples to share experience and situations associated with being a twin. This is strictly for adult twins. Search the archive for answers to all your problems.

One Woman's Story star

Parenting Twins - School Agers star
Click here for great articles on school-age twins.

Parents Place star[offsite link]
This is a large message board with a variety of topics from staying fit, shopping, nursing, adoption, and much more. Hundreds of boards to choose from. Communicate with others that share your desires and concerns. Is not multiples exclusive.

Periodontal Reports star[offsite link]
Adult twins were studied to see if demograpic and behavioral factors played a role in periodontal disease.

Placenta Previa star

Plastic Surgery on Identical Twins star[offsite link]
a fascinating article on how Dr. Darrick Antell performed surgery on identical twins after they were badly burned.

Potty training star[offsite link]
Potty training one child can be hassle enough, but two? Doctor David Fry gives some expert advice on the best ways to successfully trained your twins.

Pregnancy Problems star[offsite link]
organization for women experiencing complicated pregnancies

Recognizing Competition in Twins star

School Express star[offsite link]
Offers lots of activities for school aged children. Free worksheets and free software.

Southern California Convention 2004 star

Summer Products for Toddlers star
Reviews and Descriptions of products that are great for your toddler twins!

Tamba star[offsite link]
This site is bassed in the United Kingdom. It is a network for families of multiples. chat with other “twin” parents across the world. It is a wonderful site offering support groups for one parent families, adult twins, adopted twins and more.

Teaching your Multiples to Comprehend what they Read star

Temperament and Twin Center star[offsite link]
Director H. Hill Goldsmith discusses behavior as it relates to twins. Several good articles compliled by him include useful information pertaining to the research he has done.

The “Twin Thing” star

The Cost of Raising Twins star
Anyone who has had a child knows how much damage they can do to your budget. While you plan and save there are always unexpected costs that are never prepared for. Raising twins is no different, except the costs are multiplied.

The McCaughey Septuplets star[offsite link]
This site features all the articles on the famous babies. Very cute photos also included. There is also a space to share your opinion.

The Northern Virginia Parents of Multiples (NVPOM) star
was founded in 1969. We currently have 250 families that are members. Our membership today consists of an energetic bunch of parents who spend a good portion of their daily routine chasing their twins and/or higher order multiples and singletons. Our members enjoy many benefits including regular monthly meetings, monthly outings with the kids, holiday parties, a "Big Sister" program, new mom coping coffees, playgroups, a monthly newsletter, listserve discussions, club library, and "great" clot

The Triplet Connection star[offsite link]
an organization for multiple-birth families. Provides support, resources and networking opportunities for families of triplets, quads, quints, and higher.

The Twins Foundation star[offsite link]
This site is by a non-profit organization dedicated to twins. Provides the opportunity to by a twins foundation member

The Twins Network star[offsite link]
The Twins Network website was started by identical twin sisters to give FREE information to others who want to find out more about identical twins. Twin facts, pictures, casting notices, a survey, and true stories can all be found here.

The Van Houten star

Tia & Tamera Mowry star[offsite link]
Here is a site that gives all the ins and outs of Sister Sister stars Tia and Tamera Mowry. Won’t want to miss this one.

Trash to Treasures - costumes star

Twice Blessed star[offsite link]
a unique shopping experience to find just the right gift for mother, fathers, grandparents, and siblings of twins

Twin Dolls for your little girl star

Twin Versus Twin star

Twins Bookstore star[offsite link]
Click here to view and/or purchase books read and recommended by this site´s editor, Kris Bigalk.

Twins star[offsite link]

Twins Life star[offsite link]
Twins Life celebrates being an adult twin. Share experiences and learn where to find clubs just for adult twins. Get the latest twin research and read about interviews with celebrity twins.

Twins Magazine (famous twins article) star[offsite link]
Twins magazine compiled a list of famous twins and interesting facts about them. Includes a fun little quiz.

Twins Magazine Facts & Stats star[offsite link]

Twins Pleasures Publishing Corporation star[offsite link]
This site offers 2 exciting book series specifically geared to twins. “The Browne Twins” is for twins, parents, and peers. It offers a sing-a-long. “The Quinn Twin” series is a new early reader series. The site also offers other twins/multiples related books.

Twins: A Parents Guide star[offsite link]
Twins: A Parents Guide - This site is run by Jonathan & Nolan Evans, a doctor and nurse. They have fraternal twin boys. This site contains all you need to know about twins. Topics include history of, biology (w/pictures), cause, definitions, caring for twins, schooling, and much more.

Twinsonline star[offsite link]
This is a great site with lots of information from pregnancy to school years. It is colourful and easy to use and packed with information!

Twinspace star[offsite link]
an entire web site pertaining to twins. Provides research, organizations, parenting, bookstore, and various other information. A complete resource for twins.

Two Peas in a Pod star[offsite link]
Read the charming book "Two Peas in a Pod" to your twins. Let them decide which one is Inky and which one is Dink.

Ultrasound Pictures star[offsite link]
Ever wonder what twins look like at the different stages of pregnancy? Offers ultrasound pictures from 3 weeks to 26 weeks. There are also a few pictures of quads and one of spontaneous triplets. Some cute ones of thumb sucking and kicking are also included.

Unlimited Additions: The Boutique For Multiples star[offsite link]
Twins clothing. Matching & coordinating clothes for infant & toddler multiples. Sizes preemie to 4T. Specializing in boy/girl twins coordinating outfits. Twin invitations, gift items, gift registry, accessories and more available.

What teachers Should Know star[offsite link]
What should your twins´ teachers know about your twins? Find out here what Lilian Katz thinks.

What to do now?- star[offsite link]
Now that the twins are home, what do your do? This site gives information on how to care for your twins

When one twin get invited and the other does not star

Wombmates star[offsite link]
Twin sisters own this company which specializes in products for multiples. they offer unique items such as mailbox and checkbook covers, as well as balloons and stickers. They do have a limited inventory of items however.

Links marked with the [offsite link] designation point to websites not associated with is not responsible for the material found there.

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