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zz-Subject 2159 Mystery/Thriller Book Reviews

Fiction Writing Information

A Clause for Murder - Review star
A well-written murder mystery for adults is "A Clause for Murder". This is the third book by Jill Shure, the author who brought us "Night Glitter" and "Night Jazz".

Beneath the Shadows - a Review star
Beneath the Shadows is the chilling debut gothic suspense novel by Sara Foster.

Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts - a Review star
Written by Laura Benedict, Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts is a story that never slows down and gives you time to become bored. Roxanne, Delilah, and Alice are young girls who have decided that they want boyfriends. But they don't go about finding boyfriends the way other girls do.

Cat's Paw - a Review star
Fantasy, romance, suspense, this book has it all. Cat’s Paw was a very good and hard-to-put-down book. The story kept my interest. The author successfully pulled me deeper into the book with every page I turned until it became impossible to put down.

Children of the Fog - a Review star
The Fog is a serial abductor of children. He (or she) takes them out of their beds in the dead of night and never leaves behind any trace that he was there. No one has ever seen the kidnapper, so the police have no clues, no description, absolutely nothing to help them find the criminal.

Covert Dreams - a Review star
Covert Dreams, by Michael Meyer, is an international political thriller. You are taken from the streets of Munich, Germany, to the sands of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America.

Darkfall - Review star
Darkfall, by Dean Koontz, is an edge-of-your-seat masterpiece. It begins with a 2-part prologue.

Dorothy Cannell and the Cozy Mystery star
What exactly is a cozy mystery? It is a mystery that contains little violence, sex or bad language. The setting is normally a small town or village; the detective usually a woman. An amateur, the first crime she solves is one she stumbles across by accident.

Echoes - a Review star
Echoes, written by Jason Brant, is a fast paced political thriller full of action. The story opens at a political gathering where a senator is going to give a speech. His speech ends with him putting a gun to his head and pulling the trigger.

Endless Fear - a Review star
Endless Fear, written by Adrianne Lee, is a mystery that is full of romance and suspense. This book is so full of action and twists and turns that I didn't want to stop reading until I found out what happened.

Erebos - a Review star
Author Ursula Poznanski has written a book that is full of chills and thrills, one where the action never stops. Erebos was written for those ages 12 and up, but it won't just be of interest to those who are young in years. Those who are young at heart should find it just as engrossing.

Game - Faint Signals, a Review star
Alice N. York, who has worked in several marketing and sales positions in technological and global industries, has created an unforgettable heroine in her first novel, "Game - Faint Signals".

God's Eye - a Review star
"God's Eye" is the story of a battle between good and evil. The excitement and the mystery begins in the very first sentence of the book and continues until the last page. This thriller by A.J. Scudiere is so good, so absolutely delicious, and so hard to put down that I finished it in just 2 days

Hallowe'en Party - Review star
Agatha Christie was a master of deception and one of the world’s most famous mystery writers. At the time of year associated with ghosts, witches and murder, it is only fitting to turn to a book by the queen of mysteries.

Hanging by a Thread - a Review star
Imagine this—You are an ordinary teenage girl. Well, ordinary except for one thing. You have inherited this awesome ability, or is it a curse, from your great-great grandmother. You see visions just by touching the clothes that other people have worn.

Icebound - Review star
Icebound by Dean Koontz is a book that will send chills up your spine in more ways than one. Its setting, the Arctic, is extremely cold and reading about the intense coldness tends to make one shiver, even if it is hot outside.

Inheritance of Shadows - a Review star
Inheritance of Shadows by Janis Susan May is a mystery/suspense novel. A.J. Mathis returns home to Merrywood for a visit. Her father, Charles Mathis, had been a famous fantasy/science fiction novelist. He is supposed to have killed himself in this house and A.J. is supposed to have witnessed it.

Keeping Secrets - a Review star
Greg Parker has a secret. A secret he doesn’t want found out. To what lengths will he go to keep his true identity hidden? Is his identity the only thing he wants to keep a secret?

Murder Uncorked - a Review star
"Murder Uncorked" is the first in a series of wine lover’s mysteries written by Michele Scott. Mysteries for wine lovers? The story is centered around wine. Not only do you get the privilege of reading a great mystery, you learn which wine needs to be paired with which of the included recipes.

One Blood - a Review star
One Blood, a thriller/suspense novel, was written by Qwantu Amaru. This author's stunning debut novel takes place in New Orleans.

Playback: Light and Shadow - a Review star
"Playback: Light and Shadow" is a novella written by Elizabeth Massie. It is a prequel to the horror movie "Playback".

Premature Eradication - a Review star
"Premature Eradication" is part one of a two-part adult suspense/thriller series written by James W. Lewis. With opening lines that made me think of Frankenstein, this a story about the planned total destruction of something before its time. What is being eradicated?

Primal - a Review star
How would you react if you saw your husband and your child being threatened at gunpoint? Primal, the psychology thriller written by D.A. Serra, is about how one wife and mother reacts to this horrifying situation.

Rally 'Round the Corpse - a Review star
What do I expect in a murder mystery? I grew up reading Agatha Christie books and I became really, really good at figuring out the identity of the guilty one. So I expect a captivating mystery, at least one devious murder, interesting characters, plot twists, and lots of red herrings.

Skolthan – a Review star
Skolthan started just a bit slow for me, but once it picked up, I found it impossible to put down. This paranormal thriller about the struggle between good and evil won’t allow you to put it down until the final word has been read.

So Tender, So Fair - a Review star
So Tender, So Fair is a good, satisfying mystery story that will keep you guessing until the last page. It was written by author and psychologist Louis Birner.

The Echo Man - a Review star
When "The Echo Man", by Richard Montanari, opens, we find famous cellist Christa-Marie calmly playing her cello as the man she butchered bleeds to death. She doesn't have any remorse about what she has done and openly confesses to the murder, although she does admit that she is scared.

The Eternal Sphinxman - a Review star
The Eternal Sphinxman is a hard-to-put-down mystery/thriller that takes place in southern Louisiana. The plot did remind me just a bit of And Then There Were None, but the story, complete with a crazed, psychotic killer, does not take place on an island from which there is no escape.

The Fear Report - a Review star
"The Fear Report", written by Elizabeth Massie, is a collection of thirty-two short stories that are guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

The Last Confession - a Review star
The Last Confession is a short story written by Ethan Jones. It only took me ten or fifteen minutes to read it, but those few minutes were definitely not wasted.

The Night Strangers - a Review star
"The Night Strangers" reminded me of a stew that has to cook all day before it attains its full flavor. The spices are added one at a time, then stirred in so that they are evenly distributed. As the stew heats up, the flavors are blended together.

The Other Eden - a Review star
"The Other Eden", written by Sarah Bryant, is an irresistible adventure that will keep you keep you on edge as you turn page after page after page until you reach the satisfying conclusion, a conclusion so touching that it brought tears to my eyes.

The Palmari Vendetta - a Review star
The Palmari Vendetta, written by Louis Birner, is a mystery that you won't be able to pull away from until finish the last page.

The Poison Tree - a Review star
The Poison Tree, a psychological thriller, is the debut novel from Erin Kelly. From page one, you know something bad is going to happen. From the beginning you know that Rex has been in prison for murder. Is the murder he supposedly committed the bad thing? Or is there more?

The Unquiet - a Review star
The Unquiet, written by Jeannine Garsee, is a ghost story that is both thrilling and mysterious. This book is so awesome that I read through it in only one afternoon.

The Voice of Waterfalls - a Review star
The Voice of Waterfalls is a supernatural, psychological thriller that was written by Russian author, Natasha A. Salnikova. I was drawn into the story from the very first page. It begins as a psychological thriller, and gradually the supernatural enters the story.

Uncaged - a Review star
"Uncaged", written by Paul McKellips, is a story that will paralyze you with fear. What makes it so scary? The possibility that it could really happen. This book, propelled forward more by the plot than by the characters, shows the buildup of a terrifying act of bioterrorism.

Vengeance is Mine - a Review star
Prepare yourself for an adventure with a hero who is a politically incorrect private eye. Not shy about proclaiming his beliefs in traditional values to anyone and everyone, he is a proud member of the NRA who believes in the rights of gun ownership for all Americans.

Veto - a Review star
Veto is a political thriller written by Ed Griffin. This book takes you behind the scenes at the United Nations, and it makes you think. Does the UN need to be reformed?

Waking Hours - a Review star
"Waking Hours", by Lis Wiehl, is one fantastically scary novel that takes place in and around East Salem, New York. This sleepy little town has a terrifying secret. The story occurs over a very eventful 2 weeks, from October 15 to October 29.

Witness the Night - a Review star
In India, Durga is the fierce, many-armed goddess of vengeance and victory. This novel is centered around a young teenager named Durga. Only 14-years old, she is found in her house amidst the bodies of the members of her family, all of whom have been viciously murdered.

You Don't Know Jack - a Review star
Adrianne Lee shows her talent for combining humor with murder, mystery, and mayhem in You Don't Know Jack. The detective and main character, Jack B. Smart, has this problem with men. She always seems to pick guys who are wrong for her, so she has made a hard decision – she has sworn off men.

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