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We take a look at the events that occurred in the month of July

*Declaration of Independence star
Declaration of Independence article by the history editor.

A Declaration of War (July 28, 1914) star
Five days after receiving and returning the Austrian Ultimatum, Serbia found itself the unwanted target of a declaration of war. Accused of being the cause of the death of Archduke Ferdinand, Serbia fought Austria in what would be the beginning of World War I. But, who was really responsible?

A. July 1 Events and Birthdays star
Canada Day is Today in History...

Alley Oop Hits Number One star
Alley Oop, a song based on a comic strip about a time traveling caveman, hits number one on the Billboard music charts in 1960. It was the first novelty song to do so that year.

Bob Hope Dies July 27 star
Bob Hope, well known comedian, singer, and actor is well known for his kindness to the troops. He performed during war time,in war zones to comfort the military and take their minds off of their fears.

Bobby Sherman Born July 22 star
Teen idol Bobby Sherman skyrocketed to fame after playing the role of Jeremy Bolt on the tv series "Here Come The Brides". He remained the teenage heart throb for much of the 1960's and 1970's, but it was his appearance on the tv series "Emergency!" that turned his life around.

Dart Man Arrested July 11, 1980 star
Jerome Wright, nicknamed "The Dart Man" was arrested for shooting darts into the businesswomen's backsides as they walked the streets of Manhattan. Although the story always leads to a snicker there was not a woman out there who wanted to be targeted.

Death of Mary Jo Kopechne star
It was this day in history, July 18, 1969 that Mary Jo Kopechne was killed in a car accident that was driven by Edward Kennedy. The death became a national scandal and ruined Kennedy´s chances to run for pesident.

Disney Park Grand Openings star
We take a look at your favorite Disney parks and reveal when they first opened!

First Man On The Moon star
When Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon on July, 20, 1969, it held the fascination of the entire world. His first words, "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" will be remembered forever. Quiz time: was that first step with his right foot or his left?

First Test Tube Baby Born star
The very first test tube baby was born on this day in history, July 25, 1978. Louise Joy Brown had been the first successful birth conceived by in vitro fertilization.

Harrison Ford Born July 13, 1942 star
Harrison Ford was in several of Hollywood's biggest money making movies. But stardom didn't come easy for him and he almost traded careers to become a carpenter. It was actually while doing carpentry for a casting director that he was given his first big break.

Incident at Chappaquiddick (July 18, 1969) star
What really happened in Chappaquiddick in the early hours of July 19, 1969? Or was it the late hours of July 18, 1969? Depending on whose timeline you follow, you still come up with the same result: Mary Jo Kopechne, dead at age 28.

Jimmy Stewart star
Jimmy Stewart is a Hollywood icon and a war hero flying combat missions in World War II and the Viet Nam War.

Mary Surratt star
Due to her implication as a co-conspirator in the Lincoln assassination, Mary Surratt was the first woman to be executed by our federal government, even though she and other co-conspirators said that she was innocent of the charges.

Revisiting Roswell star
Did aliens really crash down in Roswell, New Mexico, on July 7, 1947? What are the real facts of the Roswell case? Was it a government cover-up? Or was the entire event staged by the government to fund UFO research?

The Scopes Monkey Trial star
John Scopes was put on trial for teaching evolution in his science class after Tennessee passed the Butler Act which forbade the teaching of evolution as the birth of mankind.

Zany July Holidays star
July is hot, and to prove it, July is National Ice Cream Month. Some other monthly honors for July are National Blueberry Month, National Anti-Boredom Month, and National Hot Dog Month! But, whatever you do, do NOT get married in July! July is known as an Unlucky Month for Weddings!

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