Revisiting Roswell

Revisiting Roswell
On July 7, 1947, a farmer in Roswell, NM called the sheriff of the town and reported recovering some fragments of a flying saucer. For the next few days, Air Force officials and the police of the town worked together to piece together the information. Aliens had crashed in Roswell, NM.

Or had they?

As I did research for this article, the one thing I discovered was…there are no real facts. The date seemed to change from person to person and resource to resource; the debris/no debris issue changed; the time of day changed. The only thing that remained consistent was that something crashed near Roswell, NM and no one knew what it was.

Accepting the knowledge that eye-witness accounts are the worst form of evidence and that these accounts came out about 30 years after the incident, let’s dive head-first into what’s been called one of the greatest government cover-ups. I’ll do my best to present nothing but the facts.

According to, the account of the incident (in summary) is as follows: On July 2, 1947, an orange disk was seen flying in the evening sky. The next day, William Brazel, a local rancher, reported widely-scattered debris on his ranch 75 miles northwest of Roswell. The Army Air Force officer, Marjor Marcel, examined the debris, then had it put on a B-29 and sent to Dayton, OH for examination. On July 7, the official statement given to the public was that it was a weather balloon that crashed.

The details of this particular account state that the wreckage spread out for three-quarters of a mile by several hundreds of feet wide. In other accounts, the debris radius was much smaller or non-existent.

The facts of the Roswell incident are even more clouded when looked at from a broad perspective: approximately 150 miles west of the Brazel ranch (the “official” crash site), another crash had been reported and it is there that the “bodies” were discovered. The only eye witness for that event, however, died in 1969 and was never interviewed regarding his testimony. His friends, however, did not hesitate to offer up his story.

So many links and books exist about Roswell and what happened there. The bare facts of the incident are simply that something crashed and no one knows what it was. The Air Force came into being two months after the crash. Perhaps the entire event had been staged by the US Government for the sole purpose of funding UFO research. The fact that the eye witnesses have changed their stories over the years, waited nearly thirty years to “come public,” and have given us clearly false information leads people to believe there may be more to the situation that is readily apparent.

From weather balloons to conspiracy theories, Roswell will continue to be the source of skepticism and belief for many years to come—that is, until the general public is made privy to what actually happened in 1947.

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