Reproductive System Diseases and Disorders

The heat cycle and other female dog issues + male dog reproductive system issues.

Cryptorchidism - Uundescended Testicle star[offsite link]
Cryptorchidism is a condition present at birth in which one or both testicles fail to descend into the scrotum from where they develop in the abdomen. If a testicle has not descended into the scrotum by approximately two months of age, there usually is little chance that it will. Read more...

Female Dogs Problems star[offsite link]
From VetInfo. com Dr. Mike answers questions - mostly about the heat cycle.

Male Dog Problems and Care star[offsite link]
From VetInfo. com Dr. Mike answers questions about retained testicles and other male reprodutive system information.

Monorchidism star[offsite link]
Monorchidism is a rare developmental condition in which a male dog only develops one testicle.

Prostate Disease star[offsite link]
Elargement of the prostate compresses the urethra, and urination becomes difficult. Some dogs will also have blood in the urine. There are at least 7 diseases affecting the prostate gland. Read more...

Pyometra or Uterine infection star[offsite link]
Uterine infection is fatal if it can´t be eliminated by medical or surgical treatment. It´s unusual for antibiotics alone to work effectively for a uterine infection.

Pyrometra in Dogs (Uterine Infection) star[offsite link]
Pyometra, an infection in the uterine lining, usually the result of hormonal changes, can be fatal. Although it is most common in older dogs, it can occur in young to middle-aged dogs too. Spaying your dog will protect her from this risk. Read more....

Reproducitve System Disorders in the Male Dog star[offsite link]
Read about male genetic disorders, disorders of sexual development, testicular diseases, prostatic disorders and more.

Reproduction and the Male Dog star[offsite link]
Successful breeding on the part of the male is dependent upon his physical ability to copulate, his drive, and his ability to produce normal semen. If any of these factors is compromised, then the likelihood of successfully using him for breeding is diminished or completely inhibited.

Signs Your Dog is in Heat - The Estrous cycle star[offsite link]
After a female dog reaches puberty it begins regular cycles of Estrus or heat, usually 2 cycles per year, when the ovaries release eggs.

Structure and Function of the Female Canine Reproductive Tract star[offsite link]

Structure and Function of the Male Canine Reproductive Tract star[offsite link]

Vaginitis star[offsite link]
Vaginitis, an inflammation or infection of the vagina, is a fairly common disorder in dogs of all ages. Read more...

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