Tail Docking, Ear Cropping & Dew Claw Removal

Cropping and docking is the surgical alteration of the ears and tail. It´s very common among many breeds. There is a growing debate against these procedures.

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Many times veterinarians are requested to perform Tail Docking and Ear Cropping. Whether controversial or not, the procedures continue to be performed. In some cases these procedures are necessary, and in some cases other alternatives may be chosen.

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Ear cropping and tail docking are among those special surgeries commonly performed on certain breeds to achieve that picture perfect breed standard we have come to recognize.

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Ear cropping, tail docking and dewclaw removal originated as means to prevent injuries. Ears and tails that were likely to be snagged or torn while hunting and working. Dewclaws (rudimentary 5th toes on the inside of dog´s ankles) were removed for the same reason. Today, the practice of altering tails and ears is primarily a matter of continuing a tradition.

The Case for Tail Docking star[offsite link]
The docking of dogs tails is a practice which has been carried out for centuries in order to avoid tail damage, for hygiene and other reasons. Today there are over 50 docked breeds which are recognized by various Kennel Clubs. Docking has now come under the scrutiny and is sometimes has condemned as an "unjustified mutilation". Many breeders, dog owners and veterinary surgeons disagree with this view. They believe that if docking ceased, dogs would suffer.

The Debate over Ear Cropping and Tail Docking star[offsite link]
Cropping and docking is the surgical alteration of the ears and tail respectively. It´s so common among many breeds, that to see one without the alteration is like looking at a different dog. But the practice has been under fire for some time as being an unnecessary, cosmetic and even cruel surgical procedure. In Europe, cropping and docking has been banned in many countries. The debate is beginning to strengthen in the US, with various animal- or pet-related groups staking out their territory.

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