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zz-Subject 9320 Confusing Words

Fiction Writing Information

Baffling Words: Emersion to Envelope star
The below sets of words are confusing to many people. How well do you know their meanings? Are you able to match each word to its correct meaning without checking the definitions of the words at the bottom of the page?

Bring vs. Take star
Bring and take are words that a lot of people are confused about how to use. Is there a reason for this confusion? Some people grew up in regions or households where these words were consistently used in the wrong way. Others are just learning the English language.

Confusing Words from Afghan to Allusion star
The English language is rather confusing for many people. Some words are just so much alike, even though they are spelled and pronounced differently, that they are easily confused. This article will focus on some of those confusing words.

Confusing Words from Always to Annalist star
Do you the differences between 'all ways' and 'always'? 'Altar' and 'alter' sound the same, but only one of them means 'to change'. There is a huge difference in meaning with the words 'amity' and 'enmity'. One means 'goodwill', the other 'ill will'.

Confusing Words from Anecdote to Ark star
Are you confused by the words 'ant' and 'aunt'? What about 'any more' and 'anymore'? If so, then you should really enjoy this article that will point out the differences between many of the confusing words on our English language.

Confusing Words from Arches to Autistic star
Would you rather be protected by autistic arches or artistic archers? Our language is full of words that are confusing to many people. In this article, I will go over these confusing words from arches/archers to artistic/autistic.

Confusing Words from Assay to Avert star
You are looking to hire some three people to help you with your work. Are you going to hire three assistance or three assistants? There is a paper you have to write for your history class. Is it an assay or is it an essay? These words are among those that often confuse people.

Confusing Words from Avocation to Ayes star
You are preparing to go on vacation. Are you going away or aweigh? When you chop down a tree do you use an ax or an acts? The drinks need to be kept chilled. Do you put them on ice or on eyes? Learn about these and others confusing words in this article.

Confusing Words from Bad to Bandied star
The food didn't taste good at all. Was it bad or was it bade? If your toddler refuses to move, is he balking or is he bocking? You go to see your daughter's dance recital. Did she take ballad, ballade, ballet, or ballot? Learn about these and other confusing words in this article.

Confusing Words from Bands to Bearing star
Are you restrained by bands or by banns? Do you eat at a banquet or a banquette? Is a poet called a bard or a barred? Does a bear live in the woods, or does a bare? There are many confusing words in the English language. Learn about the confusing words from bands to bearing in this article.

Confusing Words from Bark to Basque star
Does your dog like to bark or barque? Is the deserted land baron or barren? Do they add basal or basil to Italian seasoning? There is a ham cooking. Will you baste it or will you based it? Enjoy learning about these and other confusing words.

Confusing Words from Bate to Bizarre star
Does a conductor use a baton, batten, or batting? Will a toddler bawl or ball if he doesn't get his way? Would you shop at a bazaar or bizarre? Enjoy learning about these and other confusing words.

Confusing Words from Be to Believe star
Would a be or a bee sting you? Is the area right next to a seashore a beach or a beech? Would you eat a beat or a beet? Do you drink a beer or a bier? Learn about these and other confusing words in this article.

Confusing Words from Bell to Biennial star
Would you ring a bell or a belle to let everyone know dinner was read? Do the waves in the sea bellow or billow? Did the bank robbers use a biretta or a Beretta when they robbed the bank? Would they berry their treasure, or would they bury it?

Confusing Words from Bight to Bowl star
Would you eat soup from a bole, boll, or bowl? Would you be put to sleep listening to a boar, Boer, boor, or bore? Would a vicious dog bight, bite, or byte you? Enjoy learning about these and other confusing words in this article.

Confusing Words from Bomb to Braze star
Would you eat a bomb or a bombe for dessert? Would you enjoy your picnic by a born, a borne, or a bourne? You bought a donkey. Did you purchase a borough, a burro, or a burrow? The robbers stole all of the gold bars from the vault. Did they steal bouillon or bullion?

Confusing Words from Brake to Browse star
Do you brake or break the eggs? Is bread or bred served with dinner? Do you breath or breathe to stay alive? When you ride a horse, do you put a bridal or a bridle on it? Would you brows or browse through the selection of books in a library?

Confusing Words from Cached to Chimera star
Would you drive a caddie, a caddy, or a Caddy? Would you have a cadenza or a credenza in your house? Would you take a picture with a camera or with a chimera? Would you place a caller, choler, collar, or color on your pet?

Confusing Words from Canadians to Karat star
Would you seek shelter from the rain underneath a canape or a canopy? When you walk through a deep valley, do you walk through a cannon, a canon, or a canyon? Does a horse canter or cantor? Would you eat a carat, a caret, a carrot, or a karat?

Confusing Words from Carol to Cedar star
Would you round up livestock to put them in a carol, a carrel, a choral, a chorale, a coral, or a corral? Would a band be searching for a person to play a catarrh or a guitar? Would you use a cay, a key, or a quay to unlock the door?

Confusing Words from Cede to Cent star
Does a ceil or a seal live in the ocean? Would you store potatoes in a cellar or a seller? Would the temperature be detected by a censer, a censor, a censure, or a sensor? Would a perfume have a pleasant cent, scent, or sent?

Confusing Words from Cents to Charred star
Would you have cereal or serial for breakfast? Does a teacher use chalk or chock to write on the blackboard? Would chard or charred be served with dinner?

Confusing Words from Charted to Cite star
Would someone choose or chews a new car? Would one wear a coat when the weather is Chile, chili, chilli, or chilly? When you practice firing your gun would you chute or shoot it?

Confusing Words from Cited to Cold star
Does a bear have clause or claws? Would a book have a climacteric scene, a climactic scene, or a climatic scene? Would you climb or clime a mountain? Should you heat your home with coal or with cole? Is it coaled or cold on winter nights?

Confusing Words from Coalition to Commandeer star
Does chicken noodle soup help get rid of coals or colds? Would you store your valuables in a coffer or in a cougher? Is a football game played in a coliseum or a Colosseum?

Confusing Words from Complacence to Conscious star
Would you find a conch or a conk on the beach? Do you want to concur or conquer your enemies? If you can see and hear what is going on around you, are you conscience or conscious?

Confusing Words from Consonance to Correspondent star
Do those in kindergarten learn their consonance or consonants? Is the flu contagious or contiguous? Would rebels stage a coo or a coup? Does an apple have a core or a corps?

Confusing Words from Corespondents to Credulous star
Is writing letters a form of corespondents, correspondence, or correspondents? Would you learn the definition of cosign or cosine in math class? Would a polite lady courtesy, curtesy, or curtsy? Do children like to play in the creak or in the creek?

Confusing Words from Crevasse to Curette star
Would you hide a key in a crevasse or in a crevice? Would you invite a critic or a critique to dine at your restaurant? Would you stand in a cue, a Kew, or a queue to get tickets for a movie?

Confusing Words from Currant to Deer star
Would you eat a currant pie or a current pie? Does a cygnet or a signet swim across a lake? Would you visit a dairy or a diary? Do dear or deer live in the woods?

Confusing Words from Decease to Deprivation star
Is an illness a decease or a disease? Would a fair person be described as decent, descent, or dissent? Would you want to defuse or diffuse a bom

Confusing Words from Deprecation to Dyes star
Would you order desert or dessert after dinner? Do you device or devise a plan? Is the grass wet with dew, do, or due in the morning? If you wish to change the color of a shirt, would you die or dye it?

Confusing Words from Dine to Disinterested star
Would you go out to diner or dinner? Would you take a dinghy or dingy out on the lake? When you find facts that prove something is wrong, do you disprove or disapprove it? Are you disinterested or uninterested when you have absolutely no interest in something?

Confusing Words from Dissidence to Doyenne star
Would you call a female deer a do, doe, or dough? When you take a nap, do you does, doughs, or doze? When you finish a project, are you done or dun with it? Is the senior male member of a group a doyen or doyenne?

Confusing Words from Draft to Ear star
Do you write a rough draft or a rough draught? Would you place your clothes in a draw or drawer? Are the two going to have a dual or duel? Will the prisoner be taken to the dudgeon or dungeon?

Confusing Words from Earn to Either star
Are flowers kept in an earn or in an urn? Is effect a noun or a verb? Is an offensive word an affront or an effrontery? Which one is a number, ate or eight? If you were going in for surgery, would you be knocked out with ether or either?

Confusing Words from Elementary to Emend star
If something is delightful, is it elision or Elysian? When a murderer is unable to be captured by the police, does he allude or elude them? Is a false sense of reality an elusion, allusion, or illusion?

Confusing Words from Emersion to Envelope star
Does an emigrant or an immigrant leave one country to settle in another? Are you paid an emolient or an emolument for working? Is the study of insects known as entomology, etiology, or etymology? Would you put a letter in an envelop or an envelope?

Confusing Words from Epoch to Everyday star
Is an epitaph or an epithet written on a tombstone? Is a male horseback rider an equestrian or an equestrienne? Is a mistake an era or an error? Do you essay or assay something when you test it?

Confusing Words from Expropriation to Factitious star
If you want to vote ‘yes’, would you vote eye, aye, or I? Would you put a needle through an eyelet or an islet? Would you put eyes, ayes, or ice in your drink? If you say something in a joking manner, are you being facetious or factious? Is a pseudonym a factitious name or a fictitious name?

Confusing Words from Facts to Fate star
If you wanted to get out of going somewhere, would you fain or feign sickness? If you hadn't had a bite to eat all day, would you feel faint or feint? Is a male parent a father, farther, or further? Is a festival a fate or a fete?

Confusing Words from Fated to Filter star
If something has an offensive odor, is it fated, fatted, feted, or fetid? Is an enemy your faux or your foe? Do you walk on your feat, feet, or fete? If you are burning hot, do you have a fever or a fervor? Would you store papers in a file or phial?

Confusing Words from Find to Flecks star
When you locate what you are searching for, do you find it or fined it? Is one who catches fish a fisher or a fissure? Is a flair or a flare a torch that is used for guidance? Would your dog be annoyed by a flea or flee?

Confusing Words from Flew to Foreword star
Does a chimney have a flew, flu, or flue? Is flounder or founder served for dinner? Would you use flour or flower to make a cake? Would you have fore books or four books?

Confusing Words from Formally to Gage star
Did the children build a fort or a forte with their building blocks? Are you the forth of fourth one in line? Is a chicken a foul or fowl? Would a monk be a friar or fryer? Is a glove thrown down as an invitation for combat a gage or gauge?

Confusing Words from Gate to Gibe star
Would you put up a gait or a gate to close off the field? Does a horse gallop or galop? Is an attic a garret, garrote, or garrotte? Would the king be entertained by a gesture or a jester?

Contronyms from Apology to Custom star
When you offer someone an apology, are you saying sorry or are you defending what you have done? When you bolt down a chair, it stays put. But you can bolt from a fight? A buckle holds things together, but what happens if a building buckles?

Contronyms from Dike to Flog star
When you dust the blades on your ceiling fan, are you removing the fine particles of dirt or adding them? When you have a fast horse, does it move quickly or is it stuck to one spot? You state that something is finished. Is it completed, or is it destroyed?

Contronyms from Literally to Put Out star
The alarm is going off. Has it been activated, or is it being deactivated? When you overlook something, do you supervise it or neglect it? Is a peer your equal or a member of nobility? You say you are leaving presently. Are you leaving right now or in a little while?

Good vs. Well star
How do you know when to use 'good', and how do you know when to use 'well'? To begin with , good is an adjective, and well is an adverb. But is that all you need to know to figure which word to use? If only it were that simple.

Lead and Led star
She lead the horse to the stall. She led the horse to the stall. Which one of the above sentences is correct? If you aren't sure, maybe that will change by the time you are done reading this article.

Lightning and Lightening star
I have a confession to make. I always thought that lightning and lightening both meant the same thing. I thought that either one could be used to describe the flashing light show that takes place during a thunderstorm. Then I looked up the word lightening and discovered just how wrong I was.

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