The Intervention Book

The Intervention Book
Maurice C., a fellow author who wrote "God is at the Meeting", was kind enough to review my book, "The Intervention Book, Stories and Solutions from Addicts, Professionals, and Families". He had asked me where I might like to see it posted and it wasn't until a few minutes ago when I sat down to write that I thought, "Why not my 12 Step Recovery site?" I am always in such fear of being boastful but the bottom line is that I truly believe my book is helpful and offers hope and solutions. So, please read Maury's review which is so much more than I could have ever written! Thank you, Maury!

I just finished reading a great book - The Intervention Book by Kathy L. I have been attending A.A. meetings for 26 years, and I thought I knew what intervention was. Over the years I have heard of interventions in bits and pieces from folks at the meetings. I had made up my mind long ago, that interventions were pretty terrible events, more like ambushes. I never had the experience of going through one, and believed had I been the subject of one, it wouldn't be a pretty sight. In her book, Kathy set me straight and changed my mind about the value of interventions. The word intervention, now has a whole different meaning for me. Kathy explains that there are all kinds of interventions, formal intervention, which is just that, an organized and planned out intervention, orchestrated with the help of a professional. Kathy explains however that more often than not interventions are not formal and, in fact, happen on a regular basis. I was surprised to realize that it was an intervention that started me on the path to sobriety. My intervention was one-on-one when my doctor told me that my drinking was wrecking my liver as well as my life.

The book defines terms, lays out scenarios and makes clear recommendations for anyone who is considering partaking in an intervention. I now see the act of an intervention is not a ganging up of family and friends on an individual, but an act, perhaps a desperate act, of love and care for a sick individual. The formal intervention is best left to the professionals, and Kathy tells you who they are and where to find them. If you need information on the process, The Intervention Book is the place to go.

Kathy spends about a fourth of the book on the formal process and the balance of the book relating stories of people who were the subject of an intervention. Only a few of these were the formal kind, the rest less formal, yet equally effective. While the bulk of the stories are alcohol and drug related, it doesn't stop there. Kathy relates stories, in a relaxed interview setting, from people who suffer from other addictions, food, sex, love gambling etc.

After reading the book, you will feel like you have met, face to face, each of the story tellers. They tell us what life was like, what happened to cause them to seek help, and what life is like today. The very common themes are clear, admission of the need for help, the cry for help,and the search for the answer to the problem, a Higher Power. While there are similarities in the stories, each is told in his or her own way. None of them are "easy cases". Reading the stories will help convince anyone involved with an intervention that the rewards are worth the risks, whether formal or informal like my doctor getting into my face.

At the end of the book, Kathy provides a list of resources and contacts available to anyone who is interested in providing or getting help for the addict, no matter what the addiction. Thank you Kathy, you have opened a door for many of us, a door to finding solutions to the problems plaguing the addict. Maurice C.

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