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A Daily Focus star
All of those daily prayer and meditation books we buy are great. But did you ever think about creating your own daily focus and making it what you really need? Every now and then it is a healthy alternative.

A Defect Called Control star
We hate to be labeled "controlling" but most of us do admit that in our addiction(s)control was not only important but vital to survival. In recovery, we have had to learn to let go.

A Gratitude Reminder star
As much as we fight it, human nature, jealousy and envy can make us forget what real gratitude is all about. Gratitude is not in what we say but in how we feel in our hearts and souls.

A New Year Thank You star
Another year.... Thanks to all of you who have kept me trudging the road to happy destiny in 2014.

A Pill for Sober Living? star
Medical science has made great strides in the development of meds for drug and alcohol addiction. But will addicts see this as an easy fix to their disease? Recovery programs cannot take a back seat to meds for addictions.

A Positive Attitude and Living in the Now star
Recovery means growth but every so often we plateau. We discover there are some important aspects of life that are more difficult to attain but how to get what we want takes work, patience, and our Higher Power.

A Time of Trouble star
We are living in troubled times. No matter how long or how strong we are in our recovery, our humanness makes us vulnerable to the pressures of life. In these times, we need each other more than ever.

Addiction and the Workplace star
Recovering addicts have much to offer an employer but disclosing your situation may not always be favorable. Use common sense and don't be so quick to wear your recovering heart on your sleeve. Know the difference between honesty and foolishness.

Addictions in Recovery star
If you are a "real" addict, new addictions may enter your life more than you would like. Most of these are perfectly harmless and they will probably find their own end. Recognize them for what they are and take it easy.

After the Obsession is Lifted star
Alcohol is but a symptom and our defects may live longer than we anticipate. A single defect may be big enough to force us into a "moral" relapse and require professional help.

Amends and Recovery star
We are in recovery and yet we are still human. Every now and then we revert back to old behaviors. Are we focusing on recovery or just letting life happen?

An Attitude of Gratitude star
Gratitude is not something that always comes easy. Sometimes we have to learn or relearn how to be grateful and what we should be grateful for.

Anonymity star
Most of our family and friends know of our addiction but how about those who don't? Who do you tell about your recovery? It's a personal decision but one we all must make.

Anonymity star
Anonymity is a fact of 12 Step recovery. Tradition Eleven addresses this principle but how do we make it personal? What does it mean to you on a daily basis?

Are You Afraid of Mermaids and Unicorns? star
Guest Author, Tracy Todaro, talks about one of the hardest hurdles we face...FEAR! A great article about a subject that I know we all relate to. Thank you, Tracy! Please feel free to email Tracy. Her email appears at the end of the article.

Asian American Recovery Services star[offsite link]
Dedicated to decreasing and preventing substance abuse in Asian American Communities (N. California)

Being Anonymous star
We say that the people that mind don't matter but there is more to anonymity than that. Breaking anonymity requires thought and common sense.

Being Good Enough star
The feelings of not being good enough or feeling less than do not disappear that quickly. They are deep rooted defects that made us drink or use. Removing these feelings take time, patience, and the ability to acknowledge them.

Being Human star
Not everyone in recovery has a kind and peaceful nature. Once we accept the fact that we are all still human, we can continue our journey in peace and acceptance.

Being Human and Recovery star
Not everyone in recovery has a kind and gentle nature. Our own human nature sometimes becomes dominant in our abiities to stay sober and to help others.

Believe! star
Believing in onself is a wonderful thing. Believing you can give the gift of sobriety to someone is even better. It is all in the spirit of the season and Step Twelve.

Celebrating Milestones star
They are about the size of a half-dollar. The first few in various colors, the rest more solid. They are round pieces of metal. They have no monetary value but mean the world to those of us as we celebrate our hours, days, weeks, months, and years of sobriety.

Celebrating Recovery star
The day we were able to stay sober for good (yes, it's still one day at a time), is celebrated as one of the most important days of the year. Maybe it is THE most important.

Change and Acceptance star
There are so many ways we have changed in sobriety. We also know we can't change others. Acceptance is not always easy.

Choosing Peace star
Recovery gives us the freedom to make choices in our behaviors. How we choose to live the principles of the 12 Steps will determine the peace, happiness and serenity we want in our lives.

Completing the Circle star
Finding a sponsor can be challenging but having a sponsor is vital to recovery. There is a special person out there for you and all you have to do is want what they have and ask the question, "Will you be my sponsor?"

Confident Expectancies star
Expectations breed resentment because we place too much trust in another person. Try using confident expectancy instead. It keeps us focused and positive and the source is our Higher Power.

Criminals & Gang Members Anonymous star[offsite link]
Help and hope for those looking for a way out, for good.

Crisis in Recovery star
None of us can expect a life free of crisis. If our recovery is strong, we can meet life's challenges head on. It doesn't mean it will be easy but we will come out of it maintaining our sobriety.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing AA/12 Step Resources star[offsite link]
Deaf and Hard of Hearing AA/12 Step Resources.

Debtors Anonymous Resources - star[offsite link]
While not official, this group´s filled with great resources for those who need support regarding financial balance.

Denial But It's Not Mine star
Has anyone in your recovery every questioned if you really were an alcoholic, addict, etc.? That can be dangerous if you have not totally accepted Step One. Even oldtimers might be convinced they are no longer addicted. This is about denial when you are not the person denying your addiction.

Divine Timing star
No one can make a person recover from an addiction. The person must want it above everything else. There's more to it than that, though. It really is all about our Higher Power and Divine Timing.

Do Meeting Makers Make It? star
The phrase is "meeting makers make it" but there is so much more to a 12 Step program. Seven meetings a week will not keep a person sober for long if they don't work a solid program.

Drug Addiction and AA star
The meeting rooms of AA are not without controversial issues. The one that repeats itself often is sharing an addiction, other than alcohol, with the group. Some say AA means only alcohol; others disagree. The author has her own opinion. What is yours?

Dual Addictions star
It seems that if we have one addiction, there is always another lurking right around the corner. How do we deal with these and should we even try to get rid of all of them at the same time?

DUI is Everyone's Problem star
State laws are becoming stricter in the effort to control DUI's. They are made for anyone who drives while under the influence, even the "normal" drinker. Are these new laws too harsh or not harsh enough?

Embrace Life star
New Year's resolutions are passe but focusing on a meaningful mantra to live by is not. If you haven't thought about adding anything new to your repertoire of words to live by, try these....embrace life!

Faith Without Works star
Faith in a Higher Power, in ourselves, and in others is a wonderful thing. Until we put that faith into action we will never know how alive and free we really can be.

Fear star
Fear is a four-letter word that many of us wish would disappear from our vocabularies and our lives. It can be a thing of the past but only when we can face it with honesty.

Feeling Fearless star
We talk a lot in recovery about courage and fear. Is it possible to feel courage but remain in fear over the little things in life?

Feeling Gratitude star
After we are in recovery for a while, it is easy to sometimes lose track of what was important to our sobriety. Gratitude is one of those things. Easy to say what we are grateful for but do we truly feel it.

Forgiveness - Gifting Ourselves star
There are certain articles to me that bear republishing for personal reasons. This is one of them. Forgiveness is the gift we give ourselves but why is it so difficult? We have to learn to "practice" forgiveness as we do with any other principle.

Four to Ten and Back Again star
We can still harbor old resentments even when we thought we were over them. They can appear when we least expect but when they do, we need to take action.

Gambling, Prison, and Pain star
A new gambling treatment center for women; connecting with a prisoner; and saying "no" to pain medication.

God Is Doing For Us star
Not all of the Promises of the Big Book come to fruition easily or quickly. But you might be amazed to find that God is doing for you what you cannot do for yourself more times than you realized.

Grateful Awakenings - Guest Writer star
Suzan C. expresses beautifully and realistically the subject of drinking and drugging in our dreams. All of us in recovery have had the experience. Is it really all that bad?

Grateful Recovery star
Many addicts talk about being grateful to be an addict. I can't say that for myself but I am tremendously grateful for my recovery. Become a part of the Grateful Recovery group.

Guilt and Shame star
There are many things you can say you might feel guilty about. But do you feel shame? There is a big difference between guilt and shame and we must get rid of both to live in peace and serenity. star[offsite link]
Online support group communities.

Holiday 12 Stepping - Part I star
As long as there are holidays, sobriety will be an issue. This is an article I published for the last three years but is timeless. Karen Casey, a well-known author, shares her wisdom and advice to keep all of us safe and sober through the holiday season. This is Part I of her article.

Holiday 12 Stepping - Part II star
Karen Casey, a well-known author, shares her wisdom and advice to keep all of us safe and sober through the holiday season. This is Part II of her article. Please share it with others as Karen has shared this gift with all of us. Have a blessed Thankgiving. Namaste'.

Holiday Sobriety star
The holidays can be a slippery slope for those of us in recovery. Nothing is more important than our sobriety but we can attend those holiday parties safely and have fun.

Independence Day, Every Day star
This is the time of year all Americans celebrate independence. When is your Independence Day? What price did you pay for your freedoms? New freedoms and happiness await one day at a time.

Is There Hope for Everyone? star
Hope doesn't just happen. Hope is not a wish for something as much as it is taking action because you know there is something better out there. When did you discover hope for yourself?

It Works If You Work It star
Everyone in a 12 Step recovery program attended a "first" meeting. Reflect what that time was like for you, where you are today and how you can help the newcomer.

Let It Begin With Me star
When we begin a 12 Step recovery Program, either willingly or unwillingly, we come to accept Step One. That is the beginning. But it is our responsibility to help others. We can't wait. It has to begin with us; each one of us individually in some way.

Letting Go star
Letting go is a simple process that brings peace to our day. Letting go and letting God is the pathway to freedom and is open to everyone. If only it were that easy!

Life On Life's Terms star
The Big Book gives us an abundance of promises that come true if we work for them. One thing, though, no one can promise is a life without any problems. The hardest part of sobriety can be living life on life's terms.

Losing Identity star
There are a number of ways to lose our identities. Addiction is one of them. The solution, though, to finding our true selves again, is in working the Twelve Steps.

Louise Hay / Hay House Publishing star[offsite link]
While not specifically 12 Step-related, Louise Hay´s books come HIGHLY recommended for all kinds of healing and upliftment in life.

Loving Ourselves star
Love is such an easy word to use. There are a lot of things we love; there are people we love. But do we love ourselves?

Marianne Williamson star[offsite link]
Offers various recovery resources for yourself, your family and the universe.

Obsession star
How much a person drinks does not necessarily make him an alcoholic. A person could drink heavily and never cross the line. It is not only what we put in our body; it is what goes on in our head.

One Step at A Time (Seattle, WA) star[offsite link]
An outdoor activity group for 12 Steppers and friends.

Our Favorite Prayers star
We each learn to pray in our own way in our own words but nothing inspires us more than the Serenity Prayer and The Prayer of St. Francis. These combined with The Lord's Prayer are powerful tools in recovery.

Our Future Selves star
How do you see yourself in the future? Do you envision yourself happier and more serene than who you are today? If you do, it doesn't just happen. It takes practice, practice, practice!

Our Primary Purpose star
Responsibility and purpose...two important elements to maintain sobriety. Are we willing to give back to everyone in need or do we only help those within our comfort zone?

Our Recovery Support star
Recovery requires that we get some type of encouragement and support from our family and friends. The way you want that to happen is not always the way it works.

Pass It On the Way It Is star
The literature of Alcoholics Anonymous may sound dated. The beauty of this and other 12 Step recovery programs is that they work if we work them. Would we really want to change it all just to reflect a new millenium?

Patience and Tolerance star
Society today is all about instant gratification. Patience and tolerance must be our code not just with others but with ourselves and our recovery.

Perfectionism star
Striving to do something perfectly or to be perfect has a way of reducing us to failure. Remembering that it is progress not perfection is not always that easy.

Recovery Doesn't Vacation star
It is important for all of us to get away from the day-to-day. It is equally important that we never lose sight of the fact that there are no vacations from recovery.

Recovery Jones: 12 Step Humor star[offsite link]
12 Step Humor - Hey, laughter can be the best medicine!

Recovery Net Radio star[offsite link]
A live, daily talk show dealing with issues of addiction and recovery.

Relapse star
No one in recovery can afford to be arrogant and believe they will never relapse. But why some people get a taste of sobriety and continue to go in and out any number of times still evades me. I understand it yet can't comprehend it. It's about being human. It has to be.

Relapse - Never Say Never star
There are many ways to describe relapse and many reasons why it happens. Prevention is the key but regression doesn't happen overnight. Identify where you are in your recovery and know if you are entering the danger zone.

Resentments star
Resentments are dangerous, yet no matter how hard we try we can still find ourselves in the middle of one. The good news is that we can now recognize a resentment and find serenity.

Responsible Online Recovery star
There is a tremendous amount of information online for recovering addicts. We need to be responsible and careful about advice we receive and also the advice we give in a chat room, blog, or forum

Romancing Alcohol star
Articles and research sometimes do little to cite the dangers of alcohol. As a matter of fact, it seems that there is more written about promoting drinking than ever before. Is there really any benefits for anyone other than the alcohol industry?

Self Help Works star[offsite link]
Self-led online audiovisual wellness programs.

Sent to me by an AA Friend star
Sobriety (or ending any other addiction) does not mean we are well. The only way we can change our lives is by working the 12 Steps. This article is about someone who didn't. Anyone of us could be this person. If you see yourself in this at all, you have time to change.

Serenity and Dimes star
Serenity and dimes have nothing in common most of the time. Recovery has brought both to me in ways determined only by my Higher Power. May you discover your serenity and maybe a dime or two in your journey. star[offsite link]
Hope, strength and compassion for self-injurers.

Sobriety is Gratitude star
Anyone can talk about gratitude but no can understand gratitude more than an addict in recovery. Sobriety is synonymous with gratitude.

Sobriety Takes Work star
There is no cure for addiction yet the belief that prescription drugs work to keep the alcoholic sober is alive and well. It is not that easy.

Sponsorship star
Why do I need a sponsor? When can I sponsor? What does a sponsor do? There are no rules to sponsorship. Sponsorship is probably based more on tradition and a fellowship motto to "pass it on". Regardless it is a win/win situation.

Step 9 1/2; The Promises star
The Promises as given to us in the Big Book can be both prayer and meditation. When and how we see the Promises unfold depends on us, the action we are willing to take, and how we are living life in recovery.

Stuck in Recovery star
The pink cloud has long gone and you work a good program. The only problem is that you are "stuck". Where is the happy, joyous, and free you are waiting for?

Summertime Sobriety star
Summer is usually a time for most of us to feel more relaxed or to have a more casual life style. The season can also be a slippery slope especially if we become a bit lazy in our recovery and forget who we are.

Survivors Art Foundation star[offsite link]
Art therapy resource for abuse survivors.

Thanksgiving Every Day star
12 Step recovery has given us a gift we never expected to receive. We've learned how to celebrate Thanksgiving every day of the year.

The Artist´s Way Online Group star[offsite link]
Loosely based on the 12 Step model, this group works through Julia Cameron/Mark Bryan´s book in terms of "healing the creative self."

The Best 12 Steps You Will Ever Take star
As the almost last article of the year, I wanted to re-introduce one of my first articles. Some things don't change. Do you want or need a 12 Step Recovery Program? Here are a few reasons why it will be the best 12 steps you ever take.

The Euphoria of Recovery star
Call it a pink cloud or just call it happiness. The first 30 days of sobriety are exceptionally memorable for many of us. Recovery is for a lifetime and it is difficult to keep that euphoric feeling alive.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving star
A key element in recovery is sponsorship. Do you have a sponsor? Are you a sponsor? Should there be criteria to be a sponsor? This is the first article in a series that will discuss sponsorship from every angle.

The Gifts of Sobriety star
Each one of us in recovery has received gifts of sobriety. These come to us in many different ways. The important thing is to recognize each one as a gift from God as you understand Him.

The God Box star
I've resurrected this article because I have had to remind myself lately about turning it over. Life's problems and concerns are challenging. Those of us in recovery do not have a corner on this market. The God Box is for everyone and anyone who wants to feel peace within themselves.

The Good Fear star
Recovery makes us aware of fear and how we acted out because of fear. Most of these can be eliminated through time and a lot of work. Do we want to eliminate all of them? There is one I want to hold onto.

The Joy of the Season star
The holiday season is special to us. It is a time to remember and a time to be in gratitude. We are so blessed to be where we are today and we are exactly where we are supposed to be.

The Light Side of Recovery star
Recovery doesn't always have to be a serious business. You can find an easier, softer way to recognize how far you have come in recovery if you look at the lighter side of life.

The Media and Addiction star
Perhaps when we are in recovery we evaluate more closely how the media, particularly TV, addresses addictions. Fortunately, not everything is negative.

The Northwest Deaf Addiction Center star[offsite link]
Resources for deaf/HOA individuals who need aptly fitting support.

The Only Requirement Is.... star
12 Step Recovery programs do not have rules. It suggests the 12 Steps if we are serious about recovering. There is only one requirement to be a member of AA (and other 12 step programs)and no one but you can make that decision.

The Recovery Boat star
We are given tools that become lifelines to our success in recovery but we must use them all of the time. When we don't, these lines break and put us in real danger.

The Recovery Directory star[offsite link]
A regularly updated directory, resplendent with meeting and group information, a recovery store, and more.

The Recovery Zone star[offsite link]
A 12 Step Resource Guide

The Rope star
This is an incredibly powerful story about the thread that runs through every day of our recovery. The thread is knowing God's will for us and the power to carry it out as well as listening to God when He speaks to us.

The Society of Compassionate Friends star[offsite link]
Offers friendship and understanding to bereaved parents, grandparents and siblings.

The Tao of Sobriety star
A life of harmony and the ability to walk a path of virtuous conduct is the result of honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. This is the Tao of sobriety.

The Twelve Traditions star
The Twelve Traditions of AA are the foundation of all 12 Step Recovery programs but we honestly don't like to read or discuss them. Make them personal and appreciate that they had to be inspired by a Higher Power.

To The People That Matter star
This is a personal message to all of you because throughout the last few years you have all been very important to me. God has certainly done for me what I could never have done for myself.

Toast of the Season star
The holiday season is a joyous one. We have to make social decisions that are right for us and that does not mean we can't be a part of the celebration. We have to know what we will and will not accept in terms of socializing in sobriety.

Tradition Five and Any Lengths star
Tradition Five states the groups primary purpose. But what can we do as individuals to carry the message? Does going to "any lengths" to stay sober include reaching out to others? Has your "any lengths" changed in recovery?

Tradition Ten and Controversy star
Holding on to Tradition Ten is part of what keeps us coming back. Every fellowship should be a safe haven where we leave all controversial issues at the door.

Transformations star[offsite link]
Limitless resources for self help and recovery.

Trust and a Wheelbarrow star
It is so easy to say we have faith and trust in a Higher Power. But when we are put to the test, is it really that simple or do we still want it our way? When we turn our will and lives over to a Higher Power, do we honestly trust 100%?

Turning Leaf Press star[offsite link]
Recovery wisdom, one day at a time.

Victim Behavior star[offsite link]
End your "victim behavior" (or what they call "poor me thinking") and find empowerment tips here.

Virtual Addiction star[offsite link]
Think you might be an Internet addict? Visit here and assess your online time and habits.

When Is Service Really Service? star
We both need and want to help and to be of service. Every now and then we should examine our motives and our methods. It is never about us; or is it?

Where We Are Supposed To Be star
When we begin recovery we are told that sobriety will change our lives. It does. But there is also a real world. Somehow, though, we always end up exactly where we are supposed to be.

Who Am I star
Asking the question "Who Am I" can be daunting. We are more than titles and character traits (good and bad). Answering this question can be the beginning of knowing who we want to be.

WHO and More star
The WHO reports about alcoholism around the world and documents the health risks. Also, "not a blog", a sobriety birthday, and Bill's Friends.

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