Symbols - People and Characteristics

Names, gender, occupation, physical characteristics, body parts and other aspects.

Dream Symbols - Dwarf star
Dwarfism is a condition that causes a difference in the way people physically develop into adulthood. They are often targets for discrimination and cruel teasing.

Dream Symbols - Famous People and Celebrities star
Encounters with celebrities in our dreams represent aspects of ourselves.

Dream Symbols - Intruder star
You've dreamed about someone breaking into your house or car. It's likely that you woke up feeling violated, or just plain uncomfortable. What does the act of intrusion symbolize in your dreams?

Dream Symbols - Names star
Names in dreams are frequently a play on words.

Dream Symbols - Occupations star
Occupations evoke emotional responses in us connected to their role in society and the people we have dealt with in these professions. Occupations can be powerful symbols in our dreams.

Dream Symbols - Parts of the Body star
In dreams, the part of the body appearing often symbolizes a part of the self and its issues in waking life.

Hair Dream Symbols star
Dreaming of hair? Hair dreams tell us a lot about where we've placed our personal power and self esteem.

Hand, Hands, Fingers - Dream Symbols star
Hands and fingers in dreams can symbolize everything from creation to intimacy to a need for assistance. Read on to find out more.

Man - Dream Symbols star
Male figures in dreams can have various meanings depending on their characteristics and context of the dream.

Mermaid, Mermen - Dream Symbols star
What do these half-human, half-other-worldly creatures have to say to us when they appear in our dreams?

Mother - Dream Symbol star
The context of the dream as a whole and the role that a mother figure plays will determine the meaning of this symbol in your dream.

Religious Figures - Dream Symbols star
Religious figures in our dreams symbolize spiritual, religious or moral issues.

Teeth Dream Symbol star
The principle function of teeth is to bite or chew in order to attack, defend or sustain. All very powerful actions.

Witch, Witches - Dream Symbols star
"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" This is the question Glinda asks Dorothy in Oz. You might ask the same of your dream witch when interpreting her as a dream symbol.

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