Nightmares & Disorders

Information about sleep disturbances.

A Cool Night's Sleep star
Night sweats contribute to poor quality sleep for millions of people. If you have a physical condition that is causing your night sweats, there's not much you can do to prevent them. You can take steps to stay more cool and comfortable.

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome star
Are you a snooze alarm tapper? Do you have difficulty going to bed early and waking up in the morning? You may be dealing with Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome.

How to Handle a Nightmare or Bad Dream star
We´ve all had them - nightmares or bad dreams that cause us to wake up sweating and trembling. Fear of recurring nightmares can make it hard to fall asleep at night. How do you handle this type of dream?

How to Prevent Bad Dreams star
This dreamer asks if there is a way to prevent bad dreams.

Losing Sleep? You're Losing Memories Too star
Two interesting new studies on sleep in Nature have found links between getting a good night´s sleep and having a good memory.

Managing Insomnia star
More information on insomnia from our Life Coaching site.

Night Terrors - Toddlers star[offsite link]

Night Terrors - Adolescents star[offsite link]

Night Terrors - Preschoolers star[offsite link]
Learn the difference between nightmares and night terrors and when to seek help.

Science News Online - Night of the Crusher star[offsite link]
The waking nightmare of sleep paralysis propels people into a spirit world.

Sleep and Dreams star[offsite link]
Canadian site with helpful tips on dealing with snoring, insomnia, restless legs and more.

Sleep Disorders - Restless Legs Syndrome star
Does your partner frequently tell you that you kicked them all night long? Do your legs make you feel so irritated that you can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep? If so, you may have a medical condition called "Restless Legs Sydrome" or RLS.

Sleep Disorders - Sleep Paralysis star
80 percent of us will experience the phenomenon of sleep paralysis. Here is a guide to the disorder also known as the "Hag Syndrome."

Sleep Disorders -- Sleep Paralysis star
A guide to the mysterious sensation of being awake yet unable to move.

Sleep Paralysis star
A guide to sleep paralysis.

Sleep, Nutrition and Vitamins star[offsite link] Supplements that can improve sleep and prevent or eliminate insomnia. star[offsite link]
"Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask."

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