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Symbols such as teeth falling out, nakedness, death, falling, climbing.

Abortion Dreams star
No matter your personal moral code of ethics, an abortion dream can be a catalyst for healing.

Airplane Dream Symbol star
The airplane, as a mode of transportation, symbolizes a dreamer’s journey.

Bathroom Dreams star
Ever dreamed of needing to find a bathroom? More than just a subconscious cue from your brain that you may need to actually use the bathroom, these dreams urge us to look at how we are expressing ourselves creatively.

Being Abandoned Dream Symbol star
In dream symbol language, being abandoned has a different meaning than simply being alone or being rejected.

Bite Biting Being Bitten Dream Symbol star
We bite to eat, to defend and to attack. What you are biting and what is biting you determines the meaning of a dream.

Chase Dreams, Chased - Dream Symbols star
Dreams of being pursued are a common nightmare. What's chasing you and why?

Childbirth Dream Symbol star
Childbirth as a dream symbol differs from pregnancy as a dream symbol. Pregnancy means possibilities or something brewing while giving birth in a dream means something is on its way.

Childbirth Dream Symbol star
Dreaming of childbirth differs from a pregnancy dream.

Climbing - Dream Symbols star
When we dream of climbing, the emotions we felt during the dream are critical to its interpretation.

Death and Dying Dreams star
Dreaming of death is most often a message that great transformation is about to touch our lives.

Dream Symbols - Broken, Breaking star
Both material and intangible things can be broken. Is there something that you need to repair or discard?

Dream Symbols - Abandonment star
Dreams of abandonment may indicate unconscious fear of being forsaken by a spouse, lover, friends or even your spiritual source of support.

Dream Symbols - Accidents star
Dreams of automobile crashes are quite common. When these dreams are repetitive or recurring, the dreamer often expresses fear that the dream is predicting the future.

Dream Symbols - Audition, Interview star
Dreams of being under pressure to perform or being put on the spot often reflect the dreamer´s feelings within social circles in waking life.

Dream Symbols - Baptism, Baptize star
Spiritually, baptism symbolizes a decision and commitment to a new way of living, a new attitude or approach to life and others, cleansing and rebirth.

Dream Symbols - Family Fighting star

Dream Symbols - Flying, Falling star
Flying is a symbol of freedom and expansion in dreams. Dreams of falling may be a response to stress in waking life. How was your nocturnal flight?

Dream Symbols - Food, Eating and Cooking star
There are as many symbolic meanings for food in dreams as there are types of food. Not surprisingly, Freud said that dreaming of food symbolized sexuality.

Dream Symbols - Losing an Object star
It can be as frustrating and scary to lose your keys in a dream as it is in real life. These dreams are quite common. Even singer Mariah Carey reports having recurring dreams about losing her purse!

Dream Symbols - Magical and Super Powers star
It´s very common to dream about having super powers - the ability to fly, to breathe underwater, to have super strength. What does it mean when you have these dreams?

Dream Symbols - Melt, Melting star
Dreaming of something melting, or of yourself melting, signifies a softening of something. Remember, dreams usually reflect on occurrences in our own lives.

Dream Symbols - Pregnancy star
Pregnancy is a natural part of the cycle of life and symbolizes fertility, birth and creation in dreams. New ideas, plans or goals may be gestating within you.

Dream Symbols - Rituals star
In many cultures and religions, rituals are used to symbolize life transitions, commitment and to honor and remember the dead.

Dream Symbols - Running Quickly star
Many dreams involve running at faster than normal speeds, breezing past cars and zooming across meadows. What do these dreams tell you?

Dream Symbols - Suffocation, Drowning star
Dreams of suffocation and drowning symbolize overwhelming situations in waking life.

Dream Symbols - Wedding star
Many new brides dream about their weddings. Unfortunately, these dreams are usually laced with conflict!

Dreaming About a Car Crash - Dream Symbols star
Are you dreaming about an out of control car, a car crash, a car wreck or other similar topic? Here is what it means.

End of the World Dream Symbol star
Apocalyptic scenarios portend a coming end to something in the waking life of the dreamer.

Naked in Dreams, Dream Nudity - Dream Symbols star
Sooner or later we will all probably end up naked in a dream, the question is what does dream nudity symbolize?

Pet, Pets - Dream Symbols star
This article examines the meaning of pets as a dream symbol, especially what it means to be caring for and/or neglecting them in dreams.

Sleeping, Dreaming - Dream Symbols star
Can you really dream that you are sleeping or dreaming when you're already sleeping or dreaming? Yes, you can!

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