Successful New Years Resolutions

Successful New Years Resolutions
The words resolution and successful are seldom found in the same sentence. Ask 10 people about their New Years Resolutions and seven of them will say that they break them within the first month or two. Two will tell you that they don't make any because they feel like a failure when they break them. One will be a very organized person.

We make resolutions at New Years because we innately want the next year to be better. The desire to be happy and to feel worthwhile is built into us. We want to succeed.

Anything that we resolve to do that is life-changing, is very difficult. As the old saying goes, We are creatures of habit. It takes more than good intentions to change a habit. It takes thought and planning. This year, take your resolutions, one at a time, and break them down into small steps that, when put together, will make them attainable and will change your life.
    What do you want for your life?
  • Get a piece of paper and write down your goals. Under each one, write down what that goal means to you. Under each meaning, write the steps to achieving it.
    Ask for help.
  • Prayer. Your Heavenly Father, the One who created you, wants you to be successful. Thank Him for helping you achieve it.
  • Partner. Find a friend or someone who has your best interests in mind. Ask God to send you someone. Ask that person to hold you accountable. They will occasionally ask you how you are doing or will ask you every day or every week. They may have a goal in mind that you can help them with.
    Sample Goals
  1. Read my Bible more
    • I will read it every morning at 7 a. m.
    • I will start with the book of Matthew and read one chapter each day. (or a verse or ten verses � make it manageable)
    • If I miss a day I will pick it up the next day.
    • I will purchase a notebook to write down my thoughts about each day's reading.
  2. Lose weight
    • What causes me to gain weight?
      • The kind of food I'm eating?
        • Make a grocery list of the foods that I know are good for me and stick to it when I'm at the grocery store. Buy ONLY the food that will help me reach my goal
      • Fast food lunches? - Pack a lunch.
      • Between meal snacks? - Pick up snacks that are low in calories and that are healthy. Get bottled water and choose that before the snack.
      • Lack of exercise
      • Use the treadmill at 6 a.m. everyday. I will take a day off on Sunday.
      • I will park farther out in the parking lot in order to walk more.
      • I will use the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.
  3. Help others
    • I will give monetarily to charitable organizations.
      • I will give $20 per week.
      • I will write the check every Friday.
    • Help an elderly neighbor
      • Mow George's lawn, without being asked every Saturday at 10:00.
      • Visit Edith every time I'm on my way to the store to ask what she needs. I will do this on Monday.
      • Visit Judith every week on Thursday for at least 20 minutes to chat.
    • Serving at a soup kitchen.
      • I will go on the third Friday of every month.
What are your goal for next year? Make your list. Put it in writing and post a copy on your refrigerator or your computer or your bathroom mirror or all of those places. Review it often.

You want to be successful. I want you to be successful. Most importantly, God wants you to be successful.

This New Year's Resolution is proving more difficult than I thought it would be. But it's worth the effort.

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