German Hot Potato Salad Recipe

German Hot Potato Salad Recipe
Potato Salad is one of Germany?s favorite dishes at all times of the year, during the warm summer months at home or in beer gardens, but also on those winter days when snow is around and thetemperature below zero. And at anytime during Lent, after the excesses of Carnival have given way to a more circumspect way of eating and drinking.

While it is also a part of the country?s winter holiday season's customs and traditions, as a favorite meal for Heilige Abend, Christmas Eve, when it appears on the festive dinner table accompanied by ?Wuerstchen?, sausages, and Silvester, New Year, accompanying anything that originates from the 'Lucky Pig'. Not lucky for the pig obviously.

A traditional German potato salad is not cold potatoes covered in mayonnaise from a squeeze tube or jar, but always some type of flavored sauce that has been added to freshly cooked, and still warm, potatoes, enabling the flavors from the sauce to be absorbed, after which the salad is served warm, or cold.

Most families have a "heirloom" recipe which has been handed down for generations, and here is an easy and authentic recipe from the south of Germany, where they not only love their potato salads but they also have the best recipes, and it can accompany just about everything, from chicken, steak, hamburgers or sausages to fish, egg or veggie dishes.



3 lbs Potatoes??waxy not floury/mealy
1 large Onion (red if poss. but yellow is fine)
1 pint hot Vegetable stock (I use liquid stock but it can be from a stock cube or powder)
1 teaspoon Sugar
1 teaspoon Mustard
3 tablespoons wine Vinegar
4 tablespoons Olive, Sunflower or Vegetable Oil
4 oz streaky Bacon
1 bunch Chives
Salt and Pepper


Boil the potatoes in their skins, remove skin while they are still warm and cut into slices. Not too thinly as they will turn into mashed potatoes before serving.
Cut the onion and bacon into small cubed pieces, fry in nonstick pan or a little oil until the onions are translucent and the bacon cooked.
Add Mustard, Salt, Pepper, Sugar, Vinegar and Oil to the stock and bring to just below boiling.
Add the stock mix to the potatoes and stir through.
Add onions and bacon and mix in.
Cover and allow to stand for 30 minutes.
Taste and add any additional Salt and Pepper.

The potatoes must be coated and moist, not dry or sticking together, and depending on the type of potato, or if it is too be left longer that 30 minutes, it might be necessary to add more stock.

Decorate with chopped chives and serve.

Popular vegetarian versions are:

Two thirds finely chopped celery and one third bell pepper substituted for the bacon,

Small pieces of seasoned fresh tomato and red and green bell peppers,

A mix of chopped fresh herbs,

Or hard cheese, apple and baby dill pickle, chopped into small pieces,

With all three variations the ingredients are added for the 30 minute "standing" time, so that their flavors blend together with the sauce.

And of course there are always "soya bacon bits", if you love your bacon but perhaps a vegetarian will be sharing your salad.

Guten Appetit!.....And enjoy your Hot Potato Salad

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