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Celebrations and Holidays
German traditions, celebrations and holidays often go hand in hand, with many common throughout the country. Although the different states also have their own additional and alternative festivities.

Facts and Traditions
Life and living in Germany, facts, figures, personalities, and entrenched traditions. From informative and useful, to fun and "Now who would have thought that?"

Famous Germans
Thinkers, Inventors, Authors, Composers, Heroes and unfortunately tyrants...Germans have made a mark on history. Including in world culture, technology, medicine, literature, medicine and philosophy.

Festivals and Events
Germany offers far more than Carnival, Octoberfest and the Christmas (Weihnachts) markets, regardless of the time of year throughout the country there are countless festivals and events taking place.

German Food - A Culinary Journey
Yes there really is a world beyond Sauerkraut and Liebfraumilch in Germany, and this is the place to find some "foodie" facts as well as seasonal, or just alcoholic or non-alcoholic "liquid", recipes.

German Food Savory
Until the late 19th century there was no "Germany" so the country has no "national cuisine", instead the variety of very different regional cuisines and their differences are a culinary adventure.

German Food Sweet
Throughout all its regions Germany has a wide variety of favorite baked goods, from cakes and pies to cookies, as well as ´moreish´ desserts and all things sweet.

German History
Germany´s rich, varied and complex history doesn´t only color its past. From architecture, museums and the country´s states, to politics and media, it touches and influences the present.

Germany Today
Deutschland Heute, "Today´s Germany".....What makes Germany "Tick". Topics "in the news" and some "fun" stuff, together with useful general, and current, information.

Holiday and Seasonal Recipes
Germany is filled with traditions, and that includes the food and drinks that are prepared and consumed with gusto during the various holidays and seasons. Here are some of the most popular recipes

"I speak Spanish to God, French to men, Italian to women and German to my horse", a somewhat biased quote from Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor a.k.a. Spain?s Carlos I. But German can be fun.

German contemporary and past literature, historical literature, current literary trends, and authors past and present.

German Television Channels and Programmes, Radio, and Online Newspaper and Magazine websites that mirror the country and its people, and also make it possible to keep up with German life and news.

Movies & Theatre
German cultural tastes ensure that movies in Germany, "home grown" or foreign, which are dubbed, reach an enthusiastic public, while even the smallest town will have its own, well supported, theater.

"Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life", wrote Jean Paul Richter. In Germany music is found everywhere, from famous orchestras, composers, and choirs, to oompah bands and techno sound.

Quizzes and Games
Here are some fun, and not too difficult, quizzes and games. And no, "German Culture" and "Fun" really is not a contradiction in terms, so why don´t you try them and see how far you get.

Opportunities to get connected to German-American and German-speaking Organizations, Communities, Radio and Business Links and other Resources. Contacts for travelers to Germany

Travel and Tourism
Travel Hotspots. Here you will find cities, tourist routes, historic and/or stunning sights worth seeing, celebrations and festivals to visit and take part, and recreation from spas to skiing.

Young or young at heart
Interesting, educative and fun topics and websites, covering all aspects of Germany and German life, and with children and young people in mind.

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