May Devotion - Jesus is Grace

May Devotion - Jesus is Grace
Grace is unmerited favor from someone who has power over you. For example; you happen to be the underdog. You have made a serious mistake or you have a problem that you cannot fix. Someone has the power to give you what you deserve - such as punishment, ridicule, a tongue lashing - but instead, that person gives you something better than you can imagine - forgiveness, mercy, kindness, or maybe he fixes what you broke.

That is Jesus. He not only gives you more than you deserve; He gives abundantly more than you can ask or imagine.

We are an obstinate, self-centered, egotistical people. We live our lives thinking that we ought to have our own way and that we can manage on our own without help from anyone. Then there comes the time when we run into trouble. There comes a time when we realize that we can't do it on our own. In life, there comes a day when we realize that we are not fit for the goodness of God. We have no right to expect to reside in heaven with God the Father who is holy. We have every indication that we will always be living in our own brokenness.

Here is the picture: we were busy, living our self-centered, empty lives - not honoring or respecting our Creator or His creation. While we were looking after our own good, Jesus chose to die as a sacrifice to pay the penalty that we deserved. Most of us didn't even know we needed Him. He paid the price and then He drew us to Him. He opened our eyes to a life that is filled to the brim and spilling over with the goodness of God. It is a life of more than we could ever have imagined.
  • When did I ever earn the love of Jesus?
    I never did and never can.
  • When did I even begin to comprehend the depth of His love?
    I had no idea of His love and can barely understand it now.
  • When did I go in search of a Savior?
    I never did. I didn't know I needed help. My broken life was all I knew or imagined.

Jesus made Himself known to me before I even realized that I was in need. That was grace. Jesus could have left me on my own, but He chose to save me and to call me to follow Him. He chose to show me a life of fulfillment instead of the life I had built for myself - the one I deserved.
Jesus not only extended grace, He offered grace that is perfect and complete. We find that grace nowhere else. Only in Jesus.

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