Journal Jars ~ A Gift Of Remebrance

Journal Jars ~ A Gift Of Remebrance
Journaling has become very popular for many ages. Most journals are about one’s personal events and history. This Christmas season I want to add a gift aspect to journaling. Christmas is about the greatest gift given to man. . .forgiveness, love and salvation. All one needs to do is accept the gift. It is the same with this Christmas journaling gift. This year give this gift to someone you love and one to yourself.

Journal Jars make fantastic gifts for adults and children alike. A journal jar is filled with special moments from the past and hopes for the future. When you give a gift of memories smiles and joy are sure to follow close behind.

Here’s what you need:

1. A jar, like a canning jar with a lid and ring
2. A square of decorative fabric to go between the lid and ring of the canning jar
3. Ribbon to outline the lid
4. Paper to write the memories down
5. A journal of any type

My recommendations are as follows:

1. Use the journal for the person to write their own memories in relation to the one you gave them. You will need to cut 52 strips of paper if you are doing a memory each week or 365 strips of paper if you are doing a memory for each day.

2. Write you memory in as few words as you can because what you want them to see is a glimpse of the memory so they can remember. Write what you chose this memory and how it made you feel and how you felt about them.

3. Look at the journal you gave them and make the strips of paper a size that can easily be placed on the page they are to write on. This will give them not only your memory but a place for their memory.

4. Once the memories have been created, roll them up one at a time and tie with a ribbon. On the outside of the jar you put an explanation tag such as: “I wanted to share these memories with you at Christmas. Each week (or day) remove one scroll. Read the memory then place it on a journaling page in the journal I have included. Then sit back, relax and remember. Write you memories of this moment in the journal book next to the scroll you placed.

To help get you started below are some suggestions.:

IF this is for one of your children, tell them about their talents, traits, laughter, personality and what make you proud of them.

IF this is for a grandparent, tell them memories about growing up, your family and what they taught while you were growing up.

IF this is for a family, tell them about vacations, events, illnesses and special free time activities.

NOW, for you. We often journal but rarely do we remember. This year, start a new journal that I would call ‘My Remembrance Journal.’ Remembering heals and strengthens more than writing about issues. Make 2013 the year of remembrance. Remember the times you thought you would not make it through the night only to find that you did. Remember the times you saw an act of kindness that touched your heart even if you never spoke it to anyone. Remember the times you were protected when you did not even realized someone was protecting you. Remember the times you felt loved or you showed love. Remember the gift of Christmas and Easter for there are no greater gifts to remember.

Keep Journaling!

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