What if I Only Had Three Days?

What if I Only Had Three Days?
If when you turned on your television and tuned into the news, they were telling you that there was a giant asteroid on a collision path with the earth, what would you do?

A friend recently told me that she was asked that question. She didn’t have to think very hard about her answer. First, she would tell everyone she could think of about Jesus Christ. Then she would spend the three days spending time with her family. I thought that was the perfect answer to such a question and I would like to think I would answer with as much certainty.

I have friends that are not believers. They are good people who do not have a saving faith in Jesus Christ. If I knew that everyone on earth would perish within three days, I would want these friends to know about Jesus. I would want them to know Him and know of His salvation so that I could be sure of spending eternity with them. Yes, if I knew the earth was going to be destroyed, I would tell them about Jesus.

This brings up a new question. Why haven’t I had that conversation with them already? Does there need to be an imminent threat to their life before I share my faith? If we are honest, we know that there is the possibility of death at any time for anyone. We have no guarantee of life tomorrow. Accidents occur, taking lives every day. There are medical conditions that can cause sudden death without respect to age or physical fitness. Death without notice, leaving no time for prior planning, no time for repentance or for saying goodbye.

I know in my heart that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. Why do I need to wait for the threat of a cataclysmic event or for a diagnosis of cancer to tell my friends that there is no need to fear death because Jesus offers salvation and eternal life?

Death is certain, whether it is today or in fifty years. Should the risk of offending someone keep me from sharing the the gospel?
    The Gospel
  • In the beginning, there was God. God is the creator of heaven and earth and everything in it, including you and me.
  • As children will, we all rebel against God’s authority causing sin. Sin results in spiritual death.
  • God came to live on earth as a man – Jesus Christ.
  • Jesus lived a perfect life and according to God’s plan, died in our place to atone for our sin.
  • Jesus died, was buried in the ground for three days, and was resurrected.
  • He walked among us to prove that he had conquered death.
  • He now sits at the right hand of God in heaven.
  • Anyone who believes and receives Jesus as Savior receives His righteousness, opening the way to fellowship with God.

The logical response to this message is to put your faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

To repent – agree with God that you have sinned, change your mind and heart, changing direction. Turn away from sin and turn toward God.

Live in the security of God’s love without the fear of death.

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