Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the Man
Father’s Day is a man’s holiday, whether they are fathers, have fathers, or will be fathers. This article is about men in general, because many of my single women friends are thinking about the man who will someday fill the husband spot in their lives, possibly the future father of children.

One single friend has placed a card on her mirror as a reminder to keep her priorities straight. On the card is Psalm 1:1-2. Read these two verses in your own Bible.
    Psalm 1:1 first describes what a blessed man does not do. It tells of the man she doesn’t want to fall for.
  • He doesn’t walk in the counsel of the wicked.
  • He doesn’t stand in the way of sinners.
  • He doesn’t sit in the seat of scoffers

Blessed indicates he is right with God. He enjoys spiritual peace and joy resulting from that relationship.

In this context a person’s walk can mean the manner in which he lives. It is his way of life.

In the counsel means he is influenced, takes advice or instruction from.

The wicked. The dictionary defines wicked as sinful, or morally bad in principle or practice. We know from the Bible we are all wicked until we trust Jesus Christ, who took on our sin, and imparted his righteousness to us. The blessed man isn’t influenced by unbelievers.

He doesn’t stand with sinners. As opposed to walking, now the psalmist moves on to standing. The blessed man doesn’t spend time with sinners.
He doesn’t sit with scoffers. The progression continues. The blessed man isn’t sitting, or getting comfortable with scoffers.
A scoffer actively verbalizes or mocks. Proverbs 21:24 defines the scoffer as an arrogant, haughty man who acts with arrogant pride.
    Now that my friend is reminded of what she doesn’t want, Psalm 1:2 describes how the blessed man lives.
  • His delight is in the law of the Lord.
  • He meditates on this law day and night.

The dictionary defines delight as something that gives great pleasure or joy.

The law of the Lord is found in the Bible. It is God’s word.

The blessed man meditates on it day and night. This isn’t a once a week occurrence. He’s thinking about it in the morning when he wakes up and in the evening when he prepares for bed.

He does this, not out of duty. He isn’t forced to do so. He delights in it. God’s word gives him joy.

This verse is a good guideline for anyone—whether looking for a spouse or looking hard into their own lifestyle. My friend understands that where a man spends his time, and what he thinks about, will shape his life.
Psalm 1:1 tells of a man whose actions are influenced by the wicked, scoffers, and sinners.
Psalm 1:2 tells of the blessed man whose life is influenced by God’s word.

*To be honest, this article is not so much about men as it is all of us. The Hebrew word for man, used in this verse, portrays a representative example of a godly person—man or a woman.

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