Online Glycemic Index List of Foods

Online Glycemic Index List of Foods
This online glycemic index list of foods is designed to make healthy eating and weight management easier and more successful. You can go directly to the list of glycemic foods index or, to learn more about the glycemic index and how it works, just keep on reading.

Simply put, "glycemic index” refers to how specific foods affect your blood sugar. Therefore, a healthy glycemic index list of foods is an important health and fitness tool to help you:
  • Lose weight,

  • Manage diabetes,

  • Avoid metabolic syndrome,

  • Reduce your risk of heart disease,

  • And burn fat to maintain a healthy weight.
The higher a food is on the glycemic index scale of 0 to 100, the higher it raises blood sugar. The lower the glycemic index number, the lower the impact on blood sugar. Basically, pure proteins and fats don't raise blood sugar levels. Certain carbohydrates are the main culprits.

Is the Glycemic Index List of Foods Healthy?

It's important to know which foods help you to maintain a steady healthy blood sugar level and which foods cause an unhealthy dramatically fast spike in circulating blood sugar. However, healthy eating involves more than just blindly following the glycemic index numbers.

There are many foods on most low glycemic index lists that are still unhealthy food choices.

Detrimental foods that may be low on the glycemic index, can still be high in deadly trans fats or have excessive amounts of sodium, saturated fats or refined "bad" carbohydrates.

For example, white rice is a refined carbohydrate. It's therefore a poor food choice compared to healthy unrefined brown rice. But there are white rice entries on most low glycemic lists.

While "good" carbohydrates are essential for a healthy body, "bad" carbs not only reek havoc on blood sugar levels, they also cause all sorts of other major health problems. This list of glycemic foods index for healthy foods will help you sort out the "good" carbs from the "bad".

The Healthy Glycemic Index List of Foods

Research consultants with the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention have come up with the perfect healthy glycemic index list of foods. This list is based on both maintaining optimum blood sugar levels AND achieving optimum nutrition for disease prevention.

Food categories are proteins, vegetables, fruits, breads & cereals, starchy foods, dairy, beverages, sweets & treats and condiments. Click on the list of glycemic foods index of healthy foods to find out which "FOODS TO CHOOSE" and which "FOODS TO REFUSE."

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