The Many Lawsuits of Yoko Ono

The Many Lawsuits of Yoko Ono
If you haven't been sued by Yoko Ono yet, just wait. She sues most people she knows and some that she doesn't. Ok, that may be an exaggeration, but she is constantly involved in several lawsuits. Some are lawsuits that involve all members of the Beatles and some are started by Ono alone. A sampling of her current and recent lawsuits include:

A lawsuit to keep "Imagine" from being included in a movie that argues against Darwin's theory of evolution. Ono is one of several instigators of the suit which also includes Sean Lennon and EMI.

A suit to keep a previously unreleased video of John Lennon smoking marijuana, among other things. Ownership of the video has been a convoluted mess with one party purchasing it for $1 million and Ono claiming that she bought the rights. Video of Lennon smoking pot would apparently be shocking to his fans.

Ono was a part of the recent lawsuit against EMI for underreporting the amount of sales from Beatles music and memorabilia.

A lawsuit was filed against Apple Computer by Ono as well as Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney and George Harrison's estate. The issue was the trademark of the apple logo being used by Apple Computer.

A bootleg recording from the Beatles' Hamburg days is the subject of a lawsuit by Ono, the remaining Beatles and Olivia Harrison.

There were reports by musician Lennon Murphy that she had filed suit against him to prevent him from using the name "Lennon" professionally. He claims she filed suit, she says she didn't.

Ono sued a personal assistant of John Lennon's, alleging that decades ago he stole photographs of the musician and was attempting to use them for his own financial gain.

A lawsuit was threatened but not filed against Paul McCartney for changing the Lennon-McCartney attribution that marks most Beatles songs. McCartney switched the order of the names on songs that he claims he wrote alone. His giant ego was reportedly soothed by the action.

These are a sampling of the lawsuits from the past nine years. In the decades before, there were too many lawsuits and threats of legal action to list.

Lennon Legend is a collection of the best of John Lennon's solo songs. That's SOLO, as in, Yoko doesn't sing on them.

The U.S. vs. John Lennon is the unbelievable true story of the government's attempts to have Lennon deported for being a dangerous anti-war agitator.

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