This Weeks Word is 'Word'

This Weeks Word is 'Word'
For 2011 we are going to focus on 52 weekly prompts instead of daily prompts. Each week we will have a ‘focus’ so that each day we can dig a little deeper instead of jumping all over the place in our writing.


This week I want you to focus on the word ‘WORD’ and fully understand what it means.

Webster’s New World Dictionay of the American Language 1964 defines this word like this:

1.....a brief expression; remark
2.....promise; affirmation; assurance; information; tidings
4.....a password; signal; a command; order; speech; lyrics; text
6.....a quarrel; dispute
7.....a speech sound or series of them, having meaning and used as a unit of measure
8.....a letter or group of letters, written or printed, representing such a unit of languarge
9.....a prover; saying

The word 'WORD' sure means a lot of different things! Not only does Webster have their definitions but Scripture seems to use the above definitions perfectly to describe the true meaning of 'WORD'.

Monday. . .I am going to break this down two ways. First, we will look at the Websters definition and second, a Scripture for you to consider. How would you write a sentence using 'word' to show a brief expression or remark? John 1:1 gives us God's brief expression of the word 'WORD' by stating. .In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. .the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.' How does that verse fulfill the first definition?

Tuesday. . .Let's consider the second definition. Does your 'Word' give others affirmation and assurance? Write down a time when your 'word' was all you had to assure someone that you loved them.

Wednesday. . .Today let us consider how 'word' is tidings or information. What word gives you an instant feeling of good tidings or bad tidings? What type of words give information. An example of types of words would be legal words give us laws by which to abide. Write about the different types of words and write about those types.

Thursday. . .Have you ever considered the phrase 'give the word' as an actual definition? When used this way it means a password, permission, signal, command or order. How about 'mark my word' or 'listen to my words'? What 'word' phrase do you say a lot? What is the meaning you are trying to convey? Whay was God's 'word' for sinners to enter into eternal life?

Friday. . .Think today about a time you had 'words' with someone. Write about that encounter. Now consider that God's Word is good for reproof, correction, and building up. Do you believe this?

Saturday. . .Let's just listen today. Language is all around us. Not only do we hear different languages but we hear nature. Are those sounds 'words' or just noises? Write what you think about the 'words' your hear while you are listening today.

Sunday. . .take the day off. Use your words to encourage someone today.

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