Christian Living Sayings

Christian Living Sayings
I find that successful Christian living requires constant reminders about how good our God is and what He expects of His children. I don’t always have time to sit down for devotional time. Some mornings I barely have time for coffee. On those busy mornings I try to read one a divine truth about God - something that I can remember and contemplate during the day. Below are 20 Christian focused sayings or 'Wall Paques." When your schedule is full, choose one to meditate on during your day. On the days that you have more time, click on the link for a brief study on the saying.
  1. Keep God in first place in your life. Everything else will fall into line.

  2. In this world security is a fleeting feeling. True security comes from the only One who never changes. The Everlasting God.

  3. Looking for a good life? Love, peace and harmony come from one place – God the Creator.

  4. The only safe place is in the protection of God Almighty.

  5. Trusting God to provide is not easy. Worry, anxiety, and agonizing over problems comes more naturally. Trust the One who provides.

  6. Christian community is Christian brothers and sisters helping each other to remain faithful in living the Christian life.

  7. God doesn’t consider healing a miracle. He is simply returning us to a state that is closer to the perfection that He planned for us.

  8. God heals and will heal every infirmity. If not in this life, then we can be sure of it in the next.

  9. True peace – inner tranquility is a gift from God. That peace comes from an intimate relationship with Him.

  10. He leads me to spiritual nourishment. He refreshes and restores me. He keeps me on the right path. He protects me from danger. Absolutely! Jesus is the Good Shepherd.

  11. Ever felt completely alone? You aren’t. When no one else knows how hurt you are, God does.

  12. He commands 10,000 angels. How can you doubt that He is capable of protecting you?

  13. Time, money, service? What kind of sacrifice do I make in order to worship the Supreme Lord of my life?

  14. How often do I remember that I am sanctified and set apart for God’s divine purpose?

  15. The Lord never leaves. He is always present. Why aren’t Christians the most peaceful and joyful people on earth - all the time?

  16. Because of Jesus, we can approach Almighty God with confidence. We are welcome at the throne.

  17. I am responsible for what I see. To what am I exposing myself that is causing a desensitized spirit?
    Callused Spirit

  18. I am responsible for what I think about. How are my thoughts feeding fear, lust, anger?
    Think About These Things

  19. God asks me to love Him and to love others. This is such a simple guideline for Christian living.
    Christian Living

  20. Storms come. When tragedy strikes there is only one foundation that stands secure – Jesus Christ.
    Firm Foundation

What are your favorite Christian living sayings? Share them in the forum.

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