Three Wishes

Three Wishes
I wish each of you joy, peace, and love.

I wish you joy. The kind of joy I am wishing you finds you moving throughout your day with a sort of half smile on your face. It keeps you in a manner of appreciation for all the small things that are happening in your life. It is the feeling of presence, the pausing in the experience to savor-its-richness kind of joy. It is the slowing of time and enjoyment of purposeful living.

The joy I wish you is experienced in knowing gratitude like an old sweater. It provides you with warmth and security. Every morning you welcome the day with it. You sip your coffee in it. You breathe slowly in spite of it. Even with its holes, you go to bed with it. It is the kind of joy that makes you appreciate life’s challenges. It inspires you to climb to new plateaus. It charges you to accept nothing less. It boosts your confidence. It heightens your emotional satisfaction with even the tiniest presentation from others. It opens your heart to love and allows you to bathe in it. Joy. Yep, that is what I wish for you.

I wish you peace too. Peace, a beautiful inner feeling of silence and wellness. It comes after you have experienced a spell of turmoil, the kind that causes a struggle within you and urges you to do something more exciting and joy inducing. I am speaking of the kind of turmoil that lands you on your head, where you discover a new perspective and a better solution.

No, I’m not wishing you turmoil, just the peace that comes after it. There is enough turmoil floating in the air. Just reach out and grab a bit. You probably already have some, maybe you even have enough to share. You could be in the first stages of it where you feel that your days are a bit off or your clothes feel a bit ill-fitted. Or you could feel like you are about to drown in it. No matter your stage of turmoil, we’ve probably all been there at one point or another, but in this moment, I am wishing you peace. There is nothing like the peace that comes after turmoil and that is what I wish for you. That peace that is sacred, beautiful, satisfying, and inspiring. It is the kind of peace that can change the world.

The peace I wish for you can lead you to self-realization/self-actualization; my idea of the cherry-on-top of life. It is joy-filled, humbling, and liberating. This peace is self-accepting, self-assuring, self-gratifying, and yet, selfless. It is generous and contagious. Yes, this is the peace I wish for you.

I also wish you love. I am speaking of the kind of love a mother feels for her newborn baby. I wish you that love from the inside out. I mean I want you to love you in that manner. That manner of love that has nothing to do with how you look, what you have accomplished, or what you have not. It is a love that inspires hope from within. It makes you aware of your potential because everything you do affects something. Every small gesture you make can change the world in some small way. It makes a difference. Everything you are/accept creates direction and is capable of creating love. Your efforts can be of love, should be from love. Maybe you are not proud of some parts of your past, but I wish you love that fuels bliss in your future. Bliss, a humbling pride that intensifies the joy of a moment of achievement. Love.

Yes, I wish you love in the deepest sense of the word, emotion, and experience.

These are my three wishes for you, joy, peace, and love from within. Now and forever I wish them for you. They are my gifts to you, as valuable as gold.

Add faith and stir.

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