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Jak and Daxter 3

Jak and Daxter is a fun adventure game in the spirit of the Ratchet and Clank series. I enjoy both sets of games equally well, and we had great fun playing through this game to get the walkthrough done. Try not to read ahead - the fun in this game is exploring and learning what it has in store for you!

Key Combos

Mission Listing
The Desert Arena
Meeting Leapers and a Monk
Tough Puppy Race
Artifact and Leaper Race
Metalhead Attack
Lizards and Dune Hopper
The Temple
Lost Wastelanders and Ashley
Ring Challenge and Eco Mine
Bomb Train and Missile Riding
Gun Course 1 and Sniper Cannons
Swimming and Purple Spots
Power Junctions and Run-and-Gun
Missile Riding 2 and Catacombs
Desert Missions
Planetary Defense and War Factory
Slaying Flowers

Extra Activities
Hoop Races
Find the Egg
Jump Challenges

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