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May 17 2007 Cleaning Newsletter

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Good, clean ideas for a good, clean home


By Kathryn Weber, BellaOnline Cleaning Editor




May 17, 2007


Clean Thoughts        Editor's notes

Featured Product     NEXT TO GODLINESS -- Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping

Featured Article       Even Clean Homes Have Mold -- Could your house make you sick?




If you or one of your family members has been sick, it might not be because of infrequent handwashing.  Mold is increasingly getting worse as houses "get better" at preventing air escape and become tighter and more energy efficient.  In today's feature article, you'll read about mold and how to handle it if you fight it, some of the common -- and not so common -- symptoms.  You'll also learn why you might just need to play house detective if you or someone in your family has been ill more frequently.  You'll also learn how mold landed me in the intensive care unit.


Fortunately, our mold problem was fixed and my health has rebounded.  It wasn't that way this time last year, though.  But, this year has meant only one small sinus infection during the winter.  That was a nice change of pace after last year's in and out of the hospital.  I'd had so many IV infusions of antibiotics that I was afraid of drinking water for fear of springing a leak.


But this spring has been much, much better.  Are you enjoying the beautiful weather?  We certainly are.  My tomatoes are fat and some even have a tinge of pink of them so I may be eating home grown tomatoes by next week.  I can't wait.  It's one of the best parts of living in South Texas -- early tomatoes.  My cucumbers have already started coming in.  I especially love the homegrown varieties because the skin is thinner and more tender and I don't have to peel them the way you do grocery store varieties. 


Well, it's late tonight and I've been at the computer the whole day, and as my Nana used to say, my eyes feel like "two burnt holes in the blanket"!  Until next time...



Kathryn Weber

Cleaning Editor for Bellaonline



FEATURED PRODUCT:    BOOK:  NEXT TO GODLINESS  Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping

The products featured here are ones I use in my own home, that I can personally attest to, and that I L-O-V-E.  I want you to try them, too, because I know you will also enjoy them and they will help you keep a cleaner, more comfortable home.


NEXT TO GODLINESS  -- Finding the Sacred in Housekeeping.  There isn't much that a good clean home and a good hot meal can't fix.  Author Alice Peck explores how simple housework can help you reach the deeper levels of yourself and how to find meaning in the ordinary act of keeping and cleaning house.  A worthwhile read if you enjoy the simplicity and enjoyment of cleaning.




Even Clean Homes Have Mold -- Could your house make you sick?

Molds can grow in even the "best" homes -- homes that are clean and well-maintained. And they can make you very sick. Information about mold, whether you should clean it yourself, and how it can harm you and your family.

Click here to read the article:



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Kathryn Weber is the cleaning editor for BellaOnline, Living Space newspaper columnist (Victoria Advocate, Beaches Leader, et al), and publisher of the Red Lotus Letter feng shui E-Zine (  Check out her decorating and home advice and articles at


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(C) 2007 Kathryn Weber.  All contents of this newsletter are copyrighted.  All rights reserved.

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