Pressure Washing The Exterior of Your Home

Pressure Washing The Exterior of  Your Home
Have you been thinking of pressure washing your home? Pressure washing is a wonderful tool for homeowners, if used properly. I will be pointing out some specific things to do and not to do if you are Pressure washing your home.

Most of the time you need to pressure wash if you have an accumulation of dirt on the exterior of your home, sidewalks, driveways. I recommend pressure washing the exterior of your home if you are getting ready to paint - not touch-up painting - but repainting of the entire area.

Pressure washers can be used on outdoor lawn equipment, for washing decks and fencing, washing down driveways, walkways, and garages. They are versatile and wonderful instruments for cleaning all around the house. Something to consider is that it is quite necessary to acquaint yourself with the owner's manual before using any machinery, and a pressure washer is not exception. Pressure washers work on just that -- pressure. That means that they can be dangerous to operate if you don't know what you're doing. Some pressure washers need to be turned on in water and some outside of water. It is important to know what your machine requires.

In your owner's manual, it will provide you with great tips so that you can safely pressure wash the areas that you are wanting to. A couple of things to consider are making sure you wear appropriate foot gear (ie: no sandals or flip flops, but sturdy outdoor type shoes.) and never use a pressure washer while standing on a ladder.

Something to consider with pressure washing is to make sure you aren't too close to the surface you are trying to clean. If so, you may inadvertently take off more than you would like to. You can damage surfaces by being too close. Make sure you find out what the closest range you should be with your pressure washer.

Lastly, please consider not using chemicals in your pressure washer. You can kill off vegetation if it is not removed thoroughly and it can be unsafe for pets and small children. Something to consider, should you be thinking about it. Also, make sure you rinse your flowerbeds and plant areas close to where you pressure washed to make sure you remove any chemical residue or any paint or dirt chippings that might have fallen on them.

Whatever you decide to do, pressure washing can be a great tool to keeping the exterior of your home in tip-top condition!

Make it a Great One!

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