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March 7 2013 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

Newsletter Communique
Your Newsletter Communication Bulletin
Volume 3, Issue 4, March 7, 2013
Introduction - Greetings to all Newsletter and Ezine Subscribers and a special welcome to all newcomers and visitors.

Welcome to another issue of the Newsletter Communique Bulletin
March is well on it's way into the new year. In addition to the newsletter ideas in this week's article, there are many *holidays* day observances. Some humorous, some weird and some odd, but nonetheless celebrated somewhere around the world or nation.

Between March 10-16

* 10 - Harriet Tubman day

* 11 - Johnny Appleseed day, Worship of Tools day (Guys)

* 12 - Genealogy Day, Girl Scout Day, Plant a Flower Day

* 13 - Check your batteries day, Ear muff Day, Jewel Day

* 14 -Albert Einstein's Birthday, Learn about Butterflies day, National Potato Chip Day, National PI day, Popcorn lovers Day (Second Thursday)

* 15 - Everything you think is wrong day, Ides of March, Absolute Incredible Kid day, Dumbstruck Day 

* 16 - Everything you do is right day, Freedom of Information Day, National Quilting Day (third sat of the month)

These are just some editorial planning ideas, if not for this year then maybe next year. As with holidays some dates remain the same while others fluctuate from year to year, i.e. Easter different dates, always a Sunday; Christmas different days in the month December. Always the same date, just falls on different days of the week.

Hope this helps get the creative juices flowing or the muse to be amusing once again.
Article Update -

March Monthly Observances for Newsletters -

March Monthly Observances for Newsletters covers some of the basics monthly celebration observances for this particular month along with some information of where to find more on the topic. Some of the observances mentioned here comes with a Proclamation signed by the President Obama.

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Conclusion -

I hope you will take advantage of the information provided here and in the community forum. If you have any other ideas or would like to contact me personally, please don't hesitate to do so by responding to this newsletter or by using the email address provided below. So I look forward to hearing from you soon. Your feedback is very important and I place high value on your opinions.

If you have found this newsletter to be helpful in any way please feel free to forward it on. Everyone loves free information so be sure to share the wealth of information with others.
Quote -

"A word is a bud attempting to become a twig. How can one not dream while writing? It is the pen which dreams. The blank page gives the right to dream." -Gaston Bachelard
Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor

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