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June 6 2012 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

Newsletter Communiqué
Your Newsletter Communication Network
Vol. 2 Issue 9 , June 6, 2012
Editor's Note -

Newcomers, welcome to the Newsletter Communiqué newsletter and greetings to all other subscribers and readers.

There has been much talk and chatter about the ceremony in England celebrating the Queens 60th year of reign. This is a very special time for them and they seem to go all out to show their appreciation and loyalty. I did however notice in the news that there were some concerns about terrorist attacks possible given all the people that would be showing up. So during the week before officials were doing everything they possibly could to waylay an apprehension about it.

I am sorry to hear that prince Philip could not be by her side during this major event. But nevertheless the ceremony and festivities went on as scheduled.
July Monthly Holidays and observances -

July is the month that we, here in the US, celebrate the 4th of July as our Independence day. But did you know there is a Work-a-holics day which is celebrated of the 5th of July? How about Parents day that falls on the 22nd? And there's even a Father-in-law day which is celebrated on 30th.

For those of you who are into food here are some day observances focused on food to consider for the month -
* July 6th is National fried Chicken day
* July 21 is National Junk Food day.
* July 25 is Culinarians day.

Here are some other observances you may or may not be familiar with -
* July 1 - International Joke day
* July 8 - Video Games day
* July 11 - World Population day and Cheer up the Lonely day (Both celebrated on the same day.)

Among others, of course,there are the month long observances -
* National Ice cream month,
* National Hot Dog month
* National Cell Phone Courtesy month
* National Anti-Boredom month

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Quote -
"The aspects of things that are most important to us are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity."
- Ludwig Wittgenstein

Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor

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