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July 27 2012 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

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Volume 2 , Issue 11, July 27 , 2012
Editor's Note -

Greetings to all my readers and welcome to all newcomers. We are glad you decided to join us. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, ezines editor at ezines@bellaonline.com.

It's been brutally hot here in the northeast, but still cooler than some of the states. The humidity has been so high the air quality is bad for those who have respiratory problems. Babies and toddlers; elderly and sickly all have to take precautions if going out side.

But we cannot complain too much, after all it is....summer!
The article for this week is for those who are just starting or considering starting a newsletter or ezine.

You may wonder about the basics of where to start. You maybe thinking about what type of content and graphics to use? Will it be HTML or Text? (Giving your subscribers a choice of HTML or Text is really the best of both worlds for your readers and you.) Will it include color?And what style of fonts will you use?

But besides the regular focus of your content, it is not a bad idea to include something from your life. An event, occasion, birthday, graduation etc. I know many of the gurus say to keep your content focused on your niche and the theme of your newsletter. But there are times when not everything have to be business related.

If you are trying to build relationship with your readers, then you will need to be more personable. Your readers want to know there is more to you than just what they read. They want to know that you care enough for them to let them into your personal or private world. But don't go overboard. Be sure to balance the content you include in your newsletter.
Article Update - Here's the latest article from the Ezines & Newsletters site at BellaOnline.com.

*Content for Newsletters - What to include*
If you are just starting out, you may be wondering about what to include in your newsletter. What type of content. Best place to start is with you. Why do you subscribe or read newsletters? Here are some ideas to consider to get you started on a basic and easy note.

Please visit ezines.bellaonline.com for even more great content about Ezines & Newsletters.
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You are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the free community forum. This forum is a companion to the Ezines and Newsletters Site. Join in on a discussion or start one of your own. Questions, comments and suggestions are all welcomed.
There are new conversation starters this week in the forum. Be sure to visit and see what's new.

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Conclusion -

I encourage you to take advantage of the information available on the site and also the community forum. I look forward to hearing from you either in the community forum or in response to this email message.

You are also welcomed to contact me via "email" if you would like one on one answers, suggestions or comments. Your feedback is very important to the success and health of this site. I place high value on your feedback as the editor and writer of this site.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter or found it to be helpful, feel free to pass it on. You may have family, friends, co-workers, or business associates who are considering publishing their own newsletter or ezine. They may just be starting out and can use some help in preparing their own ezine or newsletter. Everyone loves free information.
Have safe and great weekend

Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor

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