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July 7 2012 Ezines & Newsletters Newsletter

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Volume 2, Issue 11, July 7, 2012
Editor's Note -

Greetings to all my readers and welcome to all newcomers. We are glad you decided to join us. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at ezines@bellaonline.com.

I hope everyone had a safe, fun and enjoyable Independence Day. With everything currently going on in our country, political wise, I am thankful for the enjoyment of freedom. I also commend and salute those who risk their lives for us everyday so that we can continue to enjoy our Freedom of Independence.

Also be aware that you can unsubscribe from this newsletter at anytime by clicking the link at the bottom. I do hope you will leave some type of feedback as to how I can improve this newsletter for future references. It would be greatly appreciated.

This week we are discussing newsletter ideas for the month of August. August offers some special days and monthly observances to consider for your newsletter. Monthly observances include National Golf Month, National Eye Exam Month, National Water Quality Month,  Romance Awareness Month, and  Foot Health Month.

Special observance days are:
Aug. 1 - Friendship day
Aug. 4 - Twins Day Festival
Aug. 6 - Wiggle your toes day
Aug. 10 - Lazy Day
Aug. 13 - Blame Someone Else day
Aug. 15 - National Relaxation day and National Failures day
Aug. 25 - Kiss-And-Make-Up Day
Aug. 29 - More Herbs, Less Salt Day

This list is by no means complete. I am sure you have other ideas as well. Feel free to inject your own creative ideas. Other possible topics are celebrity birthdays and even deaths, anniversaries of any kind, today in history, etc.
Article Update - Here's the latest article from the Ezines & Newsletters site.

Newsletter Ideas for August
What can be said about August and what it has to offer the newsletter editor or publisher? What kind of ideas can be considered or included in an August newsletter? What's the first thing that comes to your mind? August offers some special observances to considered for your August newsletter.

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Conclusion -

I encourage you to take advantage of the information available on the site and also the community forum. I look forward to hearing from you either in the community forum or in response to this email message.

You are also welcomed to contact me via "email" if you would like one on one answers, suggestions or comments. Your feedback is very important to the success and health of this site. I place high value on your feedback as the editor and writer of this site.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter or found it to be helpful, feel free to pass it on. You may have family, friends, co-workers, or business associates who are considering publishing their own newsletter or ezine. They may just be starting out and can use some help in preparing their own ezine or newsletter. Everyone loves free information.
"Let Freedom Ring"
Have a safe and enjoyable summer.

Grace D. Dooley, Ezines & Newsletters Editor

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