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May 14 2007 Stomach Issues Newsletter

Monday May 14, 2007

* New Featured Articles *

Weakening the LES with Medication - Did you know that this weakening of the LES can be caused by some common medications? The following is a list of medications that have the potential for this problem.

Risk Factors for Reflux – Those You Cannot Control - If you are a sufferer of GERD or frequent heartburn, have you determined your individual risk factors for reflux? Here are the factors you cannot control.

Risk Factors for Reflux – Those You Can Eliminate - If you are a sufferer of GERD or frequent heartburn, have you determined your individual risk factors for reflux? Here are some risk factors that you can eliminate.

* Gastric Issues Making Headlines *

Beef recalled for E. coli affects meat patties produced in 2006 and sent to Western states.

Beef recalled for E. coli in 5 States After Illnesses

Capsules containing powder made from dried rattlesnake meat can be tainted with bacteria that make them as deadly as the snake’s bite.

Rattlesnake Meat 'Cure' can Cause Salmonella

*This Week’s HOT TOPIC at the Stomach Issue’s Forum* – Responses to my forum question provide great insight and are greatly appreciated!

Latest Topic:

What burns you up? What specifically gives you heartburn? Have you developed heartburn from any of the medications listed in “Weakening the LES with Medication”?

Please click here to sign up for the forum and post your thoughts!

*Helpful Resources*

I can be a resource for information! Research is one of my joys in life, and I always to try to provide you with quality information. If there is a specific topic that I have not yet covered that you want information about, please let me hear from you!

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Additionally, if you are interested in, or currently practice homeopathy and alternative medicine, it is important to start a collection of remedies (if you haven’t already) in your home so that you have them during the first onset of symptoms. Homeopathy is very safe and effective, and especially effective during this time. To help you with your collection, I normally list any homeopathic remedies I have referenced in my topics at the bottom of my articles, so that you can easily and cost-effectively add them to your collection. Any remedy that I recommend you purchase, I myself own, and personally use for the specific symptom(s) it is intended for.

Thanks again, and I hope you will love the new Stomach Issues Site!

Caramy Spencer, Stomach Issues Editor

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