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Aging & Exercise
The role of exercise becomes more important as you age. Here are some healthy facts, tips, and exercises for you to get started and keep exercising, no matter what your age.

Basic Facts
How much do you really know about being fit and how fit are you? How much exercise is enough and what kinds should you do? What is a Fitness Evaluation and the Exercise Prescriptions and how can thi

Beginners Fitness
Everyone has to start somewhere. Here you will get tips on developing a regular workout routine. Look for beginner routines and new and different exercises to try.

Body Toning
Are you looking for workouts to build strength and tone your body? This is the place for all kinds of exercises to help you do just that!

Core & Ab Workouts
Your core is the source of your body strength. Read about the anatomy of the core or powerhouse and why you need it to be strong. Check out routines and exercises for core strength and stability.

Exercise Encyclopedia
Here is detailed listing of many exercises with instructions. New exercises will be added regularly so keep checking in.

Exercise Equipment
Exercise at home using your own equipment. Learn the basics of home equipment, gym equipment and fun new exercise accessories.

Fatloss Workouts
Workouts that will challenge your endurance and reduce body fat. Learn how to use your heart rate as a guide to losing weight during your workouts.

Fitness Charts
Charts listing calories burned, muscle groups of the body, samples on how to record your workout, and always more charts becoming available.

Fitness Quick
Sometimes you don´t have a lot of time for a workout. That´s when you need an exercise routine that will keep you fit fast. Check out the exercises and workouts for top fitness in less time.

Often we are lost as to what to do for injuries and consistent pain. Learn how to relieve pain through easy exercise and put yourself on the road to recovery.

Pilates and yoga provide great strengthening exercises. Find routines here to align your spine and correct your posture. Create a lean toned body. These forms of fitness are also powerful relaxation t

Reviews on new types of fitness equipment and on favorite standard equipment. What are the best books and DVDs. One place to find out all you need to know on price, quality and effectiveness.

Specialty Exercise
Many workouts have been trademarked by the developer. Here you can read reviews and descriptions about specialty exercise routines and decide for yourself if you want to give them a try.

Staying Motivated
You won´t get the exercise blues when you read the tips on how to stay motivated. Read reviews on inspiring fitness books and equipment.

Workout Plans
Are you looking for the perfect workout to get you and keep you in shape. Take a look at these great performance workouts.

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