History of spinning wheels, how they work, and basic spinning techniques.

Wheel Ratios - Double Drive and Accelerating star
How to figure the ratios of your double drive and accelerating spinning wheels.

An Overview of Yarn Count Systems star
An overview of the various yarn count systems in use today.

Buying An Antique Spinning Wheel star
What to look for when buying an antique spinning wheel.

Choosing A Spinning Wheel star
Some things to consider when choosing a spinning wheel.

Choosing A Spinning Wheel - Further Considerations star
More important things to consider when buying a spinning wheel.

Correcting Overspun or Lumpy Yarn star
You spin and you spin, but the yarn is just not what you had in mind. How to prevent the lumps and springs from popping up in your yarn.

Creating a Spinning Study Notebook star
Some ideas for creating a personal Spinning Notebook.

Drive Systems on Bobbin & Flyer Wheels star
An overview of spinning wheel drive systems.

Duplicating Yarns star
Tips for duplicating commercial yarns whether you have a sample or not.

Elasticity star
Elasticity is an important quality of wool.

FAQS from The Spinning Wheel Sleuth star[offsite link]
Excellent illustrations of different types of wheels, a brief discussion of how wheels are assembled, and a bit of wheel history.

Fiber Classification star
Think bamboo is a natural fiber? Rayon? Soy silk? Think these fibers are eco-friendly? Think again!

Fiber Memory star
The importance of memory in yarns and fibers

Guide to Spinning Fiber star
Guide to various spinning fibers and their characteristics

How Much Fiber Do I Need? star
How to determine how much fiber you need for your project.

How Much Yarn Do I Need star
How to figure out how much yarn you need to spin for your project.

How To Use A Nostepinde star
Why this simple tool belongs in every spinner's toolkit.

Keeping A Spinning Journal star
Some ideas and tips for keeping a spinning journal.

Learning to spin yarn star
Learn to spin your own yarn on a spinning wheel.

Maintaining Your Spinning Wheel star
How to maintain and oil your spinning wheel for maximum performance.

Make Your Own Yarn Swift star
You have spun and finished some lovely yarn and do not want it to turn into a birds nest of tangles while transforming it from a skein to a ball, but a swift is not an inexpensive piece of equipment! Here is how to create your own from yard sale finds!

Miscellaneous Spinning Equipment star
New to spinning? Wondering what equipment you need to get started? Here's a list of the essentials and the nice to have items.

Pills in Knitted Garments star
The causes of pilling and some tips on how to spin yarns that will not pill.

Plying And Skeining On A Book Charkha star
How to ply and skein using a book charkha.

Plying From A Center Pull Ball star
Plying from a center pull is easy and eliminates small bits singles yarn being left on a bobbin.

Plying Your Yarn star
How to ply quality yarn

Predrafting star
What is predrafting and when should it be done?

S and Z Twist Demystified star
In which we cover the ABC's of S and Z.

Scotch Tension star
Rigging a simple Scotch Tension device for your double drive wheel.

Setting the Tension star
Setting the tension on your spinning wheel.

Spinning From The Fold star
How to spin from the fold.

Spinning On A Drop Spindle star
Basic instructions for making and using a drop spindle.

Spinning on a Wheel Driven Spindle star
How to spin on a great wheel or a charkha.

Spinning Safely star
Developing safe spinning habits

Spinning Single Ply star
Spinning a successful single ply yarn.

Spinning to the Crimp star
How do you determine how much twist is needed to make a viable yarn? Spinning to the crimp makes a good starting point.

Spinning Wheel Parts star[offsite link]
A diagram showing the basic parts of a Saxony style spinning wheel.

Spinning Wheel Ratios - The Single Drive Systems star
Clarifying spinning wheel ratios, what they are, what they do, and how to figure them.

Splicing Yarn star
Let's take a look at how to successfully splice yarns together when spinning or plying yarn.

Teaching Someone To Spin star
Now that you are a spinner, how do you teach the next person to spin? Here are a few pointers to get you headed in the right direction.

The Drafting Zone star
How much attention do I need to pay to the drafting zone? Much of the quality of your handspun yarn can be traced directly to what goes on in the drafting triangle.

The Woolen Yarn Count Systems star
An overview of the four different woolen count systems in use today and how to figure your personal woolen spinning count.

The Worsted Yarn Count System star
Want to know what your personal worsted count is? Here's how to figure it.

Three Ply Yarn star
How to create a three ply yarn. The importance of a third ply.

Tool Kits star
Assembling a tool kit for your small spinning tools

Trouble Shooting Take Up Problems star
Yarn not winding onto your bobbin? Wheel refusing to take up? Here's a list of things that cause a lack of take up to help you figure out why your wheel suddenly refuses to work properly.

Understanding Spinning Wheel Ratios 101 star
Understanding, determining, and using the ratios of your spinning wheel.

Using A Niddy-noddy star
How to wind a skein with a niddy-noddy.

Yarn Counts For Fibers Other Than Wool star
How to figure the counts for cotton, silk and linen yarns.

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